MLB The Show 12

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Anybody else playing?

Snapped it up from craigslist a few days ago.

If anyone wants to play add me on ps3 @ Bill_Brasky19
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    Played a couple games at a friend's house. Great game as always. Would pick up a copy if I had time to blow on sitting around playing video game baseball. Takes too long to play a full game.
  • ShizelbsShizelbs Posts: 7,433
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    Also, I would love to know how much fun it is to use the Move controllers for both sides of the game.
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    Highly recommend the road to the show option for those who need quick games. I make a starting pitcher every year. Basically, you only play your guy's plays in RTTS option. So you only pitch when your guy pitches, and take AB's if you're in the NL. Since you only play your guy's games, you only pitch one out of every 5 games, so a season goes by pretty fast. Not to mention games fly by since you're really just pitching.

    That's my favorite mode now, so that's about all I play really. I suck at fielding and batting as a result though; be warned. :)
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