Top Three Speakers you have owned.



  • joecoulsonjoecoulson Posts: 1,415
    1. Polk Lsim705 (current)
    2. Totem Acoustic Rainmaker (still one)
    3. Definitive Technology SM350

    2ch: PS Audio Stellar Gain pre, 4 x Linn LK240 monoblocks ( bi-amping) Elac Adante AF-61's, SVS SB16 Ultra Subwoofer, Cambridge Audio CXN v2, Rega Planar 2 with upgrades, Vincent PHO 701 Phono pre, Audioquest Niagara 1000, AQ Thunder, AQ XLR's and IC's, Wireworld Stratus and Aurora power cables, Atlas EOS power cable, Denon 2910 (as transport) Sony CPD355 Jukebox cd

    5.1: Marantz sr5003 (feeding mains through HT bypass) Sonus Faber solo center, AQ Carbon HDMI's, Sony XBRx900E, Xbox One S as 4k player, Definitive Technology SM350's surrounds, Tivo Bolt, Harmony Elite remote

    Other gear: Totem Rainmakers (not hooked up) Sonos play 5 and play 1's x 2, Audio Technica TT and Edifier active speakers in kids room, JVC XM448 minidisc rack mount, Sony minidisc walkman, Project Debut III (currently not working), Samsung 46, and 2 x32" tvs, Samsung Soundbar, Okki Nokki LP cleaner, Second Harmony remote setup for bedroom, etc etc
  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 2,374
    Top three speakers I’ve owned... you’d think that’d be an easy question. :D
    I’ve had a lot of great speakers, so most of what I have is pretty close to each other, but here’s how I think they go, sound wise.
    1: Monitor Audio Radius R90 HD. Yes, they are small for a mini monitor, and designed to be put by a wall, but when you place them well and put good equipment behind them they really shine. Monitor Audio did a good job with these, I think they left out lower frequencies (drops off steeply below 90ish Hz) in order to focus more on above that. And they are awesome above 120 Hz. IMO head and shoulders against other things I’ve owned.
    2: Mission Freedom 770 Mark IV. These speakers rock. They don’t have the clarity of the Monitors or my SDA’s, but they are just so much fun, that they make an easy choice for number 2.
    3: This is the hard one. I’ll say it’s neck and neck between my LSi25s and my SDA CRS (both bone stock.) The SDA soundstage is astounding, but other than that, I don’t like them, because they just don’t sound good to my ears. Too bright, too harsh. LSi’s are the exact opposite. I really liked them, they were very musical and smooth, but they were too laid back. They didn’t have a sound that sucked me in. For me, you have to crank the volume too much for them to sound good. Now, when you gave them power, they easily would be number 3, but I spend most of my listening at lower levels. I’ll leave this one up in the air, as I can’t decide.
    I’m done now. :)

    Main system: Technics SL3200, Shure M97xE, Lafayette LR1100 for tuner, Hagerman Audio Labs Bugle 2 phono stage, NAD C352 integrated, Boston Acoustics VR 2, Boston PV500, generic ICs, and BJC Belden speaker cables.

    Desktop: Dell Precision 690 running iTunes, Yamaha RX-v665, Monitor Audio R90s, Velodyne VA-907, generic ICs and speaker cables.
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 12,056
    Wow what a blast from the past. Lots of old timers from days gone past.
    Great read :)
  • Tony MTony M Posts: 6,795
    I clicked on this thread and started reading and thinking, yea those were great and darn, I forgot about them, I still have them too (ESS-AMT 1b's). LOL. The maggies, the heresy's, the ADS's etc.

    Then I see it was in 2010 that the posts were from. :o But it doesn't really matter since I believe speakers hold their special qualities for a long, long time. I've had a blast collecting audio stuff for 35+ years.

    Polk's SRS2's are up near the top for sure! Then there are the Newform Research 645R's I think they are. The Triton Ones are up there too.

    But I've also heard holographic speakers like the PSB Century 600's I think they were. The Ohm Walsh 2's were super special too. The ESS AMT 1b's and the Maggie 3.1R's I think they were, are and were also lifelike sounding.

    The Polk RT3000P's and LS90'd have rocked my world on more than 100 occasions. Beautiful sounding!

    Then the Def. Tech BP10B's and my new to me BP30's are super special too.

    But the Polk Monitor 10's with peerless tweets pushed me over the edge about 15+ years ago. I only had the ESS AMT 1b's for my main system in the house. After getting the Monitor 10's, I went looking for other speakers and haven't stopped. I slowed down but haven't stopped.

    The Pioneer HP100's ( 200 watt versions) were NICE!

    Then there are all my recently acquired and re-foamed Infinity's I stock piled over the past couple of years are pretty impressive too.

    Sorry about posting more than 3 but I just have to give credit to a lot of NICE sounding speakers I've heard and sold and still have. I just remembered my pr. of RSL 3200's I think they are. Maybe 3300. They sound FINE too!

    And all the Pinnacles I've owned and still do own a lot of them. They are FINE sounding too.

    That's enough, I'm tired and I'm sure you guys are tired of reading this too.

    Good nice and good listening to you all!

    TM. B)
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
  • verbverb Posts: 4,447
    Good info Tony, I'm sure the speakers you mentioned above are but a small percentage of your collection! Keep collecting my man! :smile:
    Basement: Polk SDA SRS, Rega RP1 TT, VTL 2.5 Preamplifier, Enlightened Audio Designs CD Transport, Northstar Designs DAC, Conrad Johnson MF2300A Amp, Furman 15PFi Power Conditioner, Wireworld Oasis 8 RCA IC's, MIT Terminator2 Bi-Wire speaker cables
    Office: PC, Marantz CD-1 transport, Marantz AMP-1, Acoustic Technologies Classic Speakers, SVS SB12 Plus Subwoofer, MIT AVt2 speaker cables, IFI Purifier2, AQ Cinnamon USB cable
    Spare Room: Dayens Ampino Integrated, Tjoeb 99 tube CD player (modified Marantz CD-38), Project BoxE Bluetooth Streamer, Polk TSi200's
    Living Room: Pioneer SX-N30 Network Receiver, Pioneer PD10AE CD Player, Furman M8-LX Power Conditioner, Polk RT265 In Wall Speakers, Polk DSW Pro 660wi Subwoofer
  • motorhead43026motorhead43026 Posts: 2,969
    edited October 2018
    This thread made me go and pull my 7C's out of storage, these rate in my top 3 for sure. What are the other two, not sure as I have to think about that. These 7C's were a no brainer though. Or, may be just for sentimental reasons that they sound so good.
    2 channel: Anthem 225 Integrated amp; Parasound Ztuner; TechnicsTT SL1350; Vincent PHO-8 phono pre; Marantz CD6005 spinner; Polk Signature S60's with ZU Audio IBIS jumpers; Cables: Wireworld Eclipse IC; Audioquest Big Sur IC; ZU Audio Mission speaker cables; PS Audio AC-3 power cords, all into a PS Audio Dectet Power center.

    All TV's sound enhanced by Polk Magnfi Mini's.

    Other; SDA2BTL's, M10 series II, M7C's, Hafler XL600 amp, RB-980BX, Parasound HCA-1500 amp , P5 preamp, all in storage. All speakers have had crossover rebuilds, resulting in a small fortune invested in Sonicaps, and tweeter upgrades.

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  • VR3VR3 Posts: 22,478
    Top three....
    1. Jm lab mezzo utopia
    2. Tyler acoustics super towers modded
    3. Tyler acoustics 7u

    Bottom 3
    1. Vmps tower II, terrible
    2. Tyler acoustics d3 and d2, terrible
    3. Polk Audio rti70

    - Not Tom /////

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  • maxwardmaxward Posts: 208
    I’ve owned four speakers since 1973:
    Dynaco A-35 (1973-1977)
    Powered Advents (1977-1981)
    Magnepan MG 2B (1981-2013, Yikes!)
    Magnepan MG 3.6R (2013-present).
    The MG 3.6R were the only ones bought used. At some point I may think about downsizing to some stand-mounts or similar speakers.
    Thorens TD-160C; Sumiko Talisman S; Jolida JD9; Marantz CD-53; North Star Intenso;
    Joule-Electra LA-100; Balanced Power Technology AC conditioner;
    Odyssey Khartago monos (with most factory upgrades); Magnepan MG 3.6R
  • My top three....
    1-Nola Boxer 2's (current)
    2-Hornshoppe Great Horned Heils (current)
    3- EPI 180's
    First Watt,Monarchy Audio,Aric Audio,Promitheus Audio,Pro-Ject,Hornshoppe,Nola,HSU,Onkyo.
  • voltzvoltz Posts: 5,009
    ROSSO FIORENTINO "Fiesole's"

    Usher Mini X's

    POLK CRS+'s
    2 ch- Polk CRS+ * Vincent SA-31MK Preamp * Vincent Sp-331 Amp * Marantz SA8005 SACD * Project Xperience Classic TT * Sumiko Blue Point #2 MC cartridge

    HT - Polk 703's * NAD T-758 * Adcom 5503 * Oppo 103 * Samsung 60" series 8 LCD
  • voltzvoltz Posts: 5,009
    My Game just went to another level...having fun enjoying it as much as possible..except my sister said she stills like my SDA better?

    She never fails to embarrasses me :(
    2 ch- Polk CRS+ * Vincent SA-31MK Preamp * Vincent Sp-331 Amp * Marantz SA8005 SACD * Project Xperience Classic TT * Sumiko Blue Point #2 MC cartridge

    HT - Polk 703's * NAD T-758 * Adcom 5503 * Oppo 103 * Samsung 60" series 8 LCD
  • Joey_VJoey_V Posts: 6,713
    Rockport Avior
    Joey's Gear:
    Current Gear:
    Torus RM15 -> Emm Labs DAC2x and TSDX Transport -> Cary SLP-05 preamp -> Boulder 2060 stereo amp (w/ Audioquest WEL Signature) -> new speakers
    Rotel RA1592 Super Integrated -> Sonus Faber Olympica 3
    Rotel RC1570 preamp -> Rotel RB1582 amp -> Focal Kanta 2

    Old Gear:
    Speakers: BW PM1 (3.5/5), CM10s2 (3.75/5), BW800D3 (5/5), Rockport Aviors (5/5), Sonus Faber Stradivari (5/5), BW 802D2 (4.5/5), Martin Logan Summits (4.25/5), Martin Logan Vantage (4/5), Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor (3.75/5), AV123 Strata Mini (3.5/5), ML Mosaic (3.25/5), Onix Ref1 (3/5), Sonus Faber Concerto (2.75/5), SF Concertino (2.5/5), Axiom M22ti (2/5), Polk LSi9 (3/5), LSi7 (2.9/5)
    Source: Squeezebox 3 -> PS Audio Digital Link III -> Cary 306/200 CDP -> Cary 306 SACD -> EMM LABS DAC2X/TSDX
    Preamplification: Rotel RC1070 -> Rogue Perseus -> Cary SLP98 -> Cary SLP98F1 -> Cary SLP05 (sold and then repurchased)
    Amplification: HK AVR330 -> Rotel RB1070 -> Rotel RB1090 -> Plinius SA102 -> Cary 211FE -> Classe M600 -> Boulder 2060
    Subwoofer: Infinity Entra2 sub -> SVS 25-31PC+ sub
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 105
    1) B&W 801's

    2) Revel F52's

    3) Polk 3.1TL's
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