Question about wiring MM840DVC to the amp.

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Never had a dual voice coil before and my Polk PA400.1 amp has two pos/neg outputs.

I was wondering do I hook up Pos+ 1 on the Subwoofer to Pos+ 1 on the amp And Pos+2 on the sub to Pos+2 on the amp?

or Is is Pos+1 to Pos+2 connected together on the Subwoofer and then connected to Pos+1 on the amp?
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    Hey there. So on the amp, use only the pos and neg that are farthest from each other. Leave the 2 in the middle alone. Send the pos(amp) to the pos on one side of the speaker and the neg(amp) to the neg on the same side of the speaker. You should have another set of inputs on the speaker. Run a wire from the speaker positive on one side to the other speaker positive. Do the same for the negative. That wire should be the same gauge as the ones from the amp to the speaker, plus they need to be the exact same length, if im not mistaken. This will be running in parallel, yielding a 2 ohm load to your amp (300w). Turn it down to start off.

    hope this helps
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