The "Cdn Magic Desk" - A cheap knock off...

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Dear Mr. Grand,

I read your inspirational thread on influencing people and collecting valuable audio equipment. I preceeded to haul my corner unit desk out into the hallway and posted a request for stereo stuff.

Lo' and behold, I come back from lunch and...

WTH!?!?! The desk is gone!!?!?

Mr. Grand, you obviously live in a better neighbour hood then I. :(


Actually, I did score a Lexicon CP1+ on semi-permanent loan from a friend to use as a preamp until I could acquire one. I hope to have it hooked up by weeks end. If it works out, I may be able to swap a 2U rack mount scsi drive combo and/or UPS/ router for it. If it doesn't, I can always hope the Rotel preamp from Russ-tronics is still available.

Mr. Grand is right. Sometimes, you just gotta ask "Got any stereo stuff?" ;)


Time is the best teacher. Unfortunately it kills all its students.
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    And sometimes you have to whack them in the knee, grab it out of their hands, and run like a SOB! They just don't understand that there is a lot less grief involved if they would just LEAVE IT ON THE DESK.

    Lexicon is enviable. Don't give it back. Move. Don't answer the phone.

    An "inspirational" thread. I posted an "inspirational" thread. That does it. Look for my debut cd of motivational and inspirational threads. I'm not mocking you Dave, I am flattered to bits. I love you.

    George Grand (of the Jersey Grand's)
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