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I have a 1988 Chrysler Fifth Ave. with a rather unique audio system. It has a Infinity Series 1 or 2 deck. It came stock with the front speakers (3-1/2" speakers) being 24 watts each and the rear ones being amped at 56 watts (5"x7"). Since I got the car I have been upgrading the audio. The first thing I did was upgrade the front speakers with $10 (each) speakers from RadioShack. They're both 100 watt tweeters but they work just fine. Then I got a different Chrysler deck, one that actually plays tapes instead of half-assing it. That only cost me $2. Then I finally broke down and bought some rear speakers. The first pair I bought was Infinity Reference series speakers. They sounded great but the only problem with them was that they were too big, the surround kept hitting the back of the seat and the holes didn't match up. So I took them back and got a pair Polk Audio db570 series speakers. I had a little trouble hooking them up because i didn't know what speaker wire was negative and positive. After I pulled out the deck to see which wires were which and got them hooked up correctly they worked fine. The question I have after all that is what kind of deck should I go with to maintain or have better audio. Oh, and one other thing. Do you think I should invest money in buying that Infinity Bass Link Setup with my new deck? :confused:
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    you should post this down in the car audio forum. I can't really help you with your questions. I put an aftermarked CD head unit in my Voyager (non-infinity system), and replaced the speakers all the way around. Much better than it was, but not good enough, so I threw a few 10" subs at the problem and it's as good as it's going to get in that van....
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