polk SR 124 sub cutting out

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Okay so it looks like it finally happened, the tinsel leads on my SR 124 are going:mad:
I took the sub out and checked them but but it didn't look bad at all, but the symptoms are too similar to what others have described.

My sub will cut in and out as I drive. I checked everything and the sub is definitely the problem. It is the best car sub I have ever heard so I am disappointed to say the least. when I push the cone in it will cut in but as soon as I drive and turn a corner, go over a bump or just turn it down, it cuts out.

Am I correct in my diagnoses? I put another sub in there and had no issues like this.
Does Polk even replace these anymore due to the crappy leads they used? I read the long post on this issue but that was a couple of years ago.

I would be happy with a 10inch version but not if this problem follows that model as well. I would rather spend the money on a JL W6 at that point just not to have to deal with the problem.

Any help would be great, I'm sure some of you have run into this. If anything, what sub can you get for the same price and get that kind of sound?

Thanks guys
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    I've done some thinking and I think I am going to go with a Boston Acoustic G3 sub. Probably a 10inch SVC powered by an older Rockford fosgate punch 802a in mono mode because I just don't need a 12 in all reality, its going to be in a Volvo wagon. The price seems good and build quality looks fairly well.

    I know it won't be an SR but even if I can find a 10inch for the same price as the G3, I don't want to deal with it breaking again.

    Opinions are welcome
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    I was gonna suggest Boston G5 since that's the one that is compared to SR most often but it is also discontinued and hard to find. I guess G3 would be the next logical step here.

    Also see if you can get your hands on Morel Ultimo which I have never heard in person but supposably it's even better then SR. It also costs more but since you are in the market for "best SQ sub" figured I'd throw it out there. That is also just about the only SQ sub that is on my list to get when SRs are vanished lol.
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    I'm sure G5's are nice but I feel they got discontinued because the G3 just performed great at a lower cost and most people don't care too much for sound quality. The SR is amazing for SQ but I am not THAT into car audio anymore so I think I would be happy with a sub like the G3, my local shop is going to let me use one for a couple days so I will know more next week. I have two MB Quart 12 inch subs in a sealed box that I can use but they are just loud, not accurate IMO, and thats too much bass for me. I tried selling them with the box on CL for $100 but no bites!

    So, I would buy another SR if I knew it would last but not likely to happen. I don't abuse my subs and there is no reason this should have broken.

    Vital, I'll PM you back in a sec...
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