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Finally got my LSi system almost up and running so no longer need the soundbar as the interim fill in. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the soundbar and think it would be a great option for a bedroom or smaller room system. Definitely a huge improvement over just tv speakers and is a great space saver. The bar is in great shape and was about $1000 when it first came out. Asking $375 with shipping and paypal included.

I will try to post pictures later, but will be happy to forward pictures to those interested in the meantime. :cheesygrin:
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  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
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    Ok, I am a goof, it is a Surroundbar50, I should have looked at the box to make sure I had the right spelling and model. I believe this is a fair price, but offers and recommendations are welcomed. Will ship in original box and packaging.
  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
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    Bump at $325 shipped, need to focus on finishing my other system.
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    Could you ship this to the UK? I have wanted to get my hands on one for ages. I have no idea why Polk have stopped making them as it is ideal if you already own an amp
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    Quick question for you Blueboxer. Polk doesn't state how big a room these can efficiently fill. I'm checking into a surround system for my parents and wondering if one of these would fit the bill, with a sub of course. Their room size is 14'x23', though most of the time they'll be seated around 14' back from the TV. Less wires, etc. What was your experience with it and room sizing?
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  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
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    I currently have the unit in a 20 x 20 room and it fills it up rather well. Listening position (in terms of how far back you sit) seems to have the biggest effect on the sound field. I have it paired up with a Polk Micropro 3000 so bass is not an issue and they seem to integrate well. Let me know if you have additional questions or if you prefer cincycat13 gets dibs. :)
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