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My Daily driver (1990 Olds Toronado Trofeo) is getting some well needed sound upgrades. Here's what's installed so far:

-Alpine CDA 9813 head unit
-Alpine MRD M500 Mono amp
-Polk EX369 rear 6x9s
-older alpine 2 ways that are going to b replaced by either Polk EX or Momo components (insight?)

Here's what i have to work with:
-2 Alpine 10" Type R subs
-1 dual or 2 single boxes with .75 cubes a chamber
-Alpine MRV F540 4 Channel Amp

Car issues
-The car's rear seat does not fold down
-There is enough space in the back deck for mounting the 10" subs but i'll have to relocate the 6x9's and this may not be worth all the trouble
-the trunk is long and shallow there's no problems with space but i'm worried a bit about the rear seat eating up the sound of the subs(hence the whole rear deck thing) I could just cutout the armrest back plate that seals the trunk from the rest on the interior

So what do you think i should do? I'm doing the work myself, I don't have a whole lot of money but i do work are CC so i can get a moderate discount off some stuff. Give me some insight here.
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    Let me clarify my question. I meant to say would it be worth all the work to mount the sub's the the rear deck or should i just cut out the arm rest plate and put the subs in the trunk? Your opinion would be great. Thanks
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    i had a 78 olds delta 88 and did not have any issue getting the bass through the back seat... only had an LP 2202 on 2 origional kicker comps sealed.

    You might want to just make some breather holes in the back deck... would be simpler...and would not really effect the integrity of the back deck.. couple 4" holes should do it to help the bass pass through. Another thing you could do...Is put 6.5's in the 6x9 slots and let the rest ven...I did that in my Breeze...

    couple other options.. enjoy
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    i agree on the breather holes, get some speaker grilles and cut out the space from your rear deck and then simply place the grilles over the holes (you can use screws or velco or whatever works for you to hold them in place) so you don't have messy looking holes in your car ;D hope this helps :D
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