Need help to setup best MM subwoofer with vintage amp and small car :)

estroestro Posts: 2
edited October 2011 in Car Subwoofer Talk
Hi, I've an old r170 SLK. I've an old ms2250 amplifier and I've to do everything with it. I planned to install a 2 way system with 6.5 mid and tweeter and 2 shallow subwoofers in sealed or ported enclosure. Amp has to be used stereo and I will use only passive xover (one for sub and one for 2way system). I've to install subwoofers behind seats so enclosure dimensions are about 1.5 cubic foot (14cm deep x50cm large x50cm tall). What do you suggest 2x MM1540 sealed or 4 x mm1040 sealed? I'm not new about car audio and in past I got 2 stroker 18d2 but with a different car.. i hitted over 150db termlab. I like physical impact and clean sound, thanks :)
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