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If you want to read an extremely well written and helpful article on the subject of acoustics and room interaction I highly recommend:
Enjoy, Ken
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    I finally got time to read through some of that article. Everyone wants to talk about, buy and test equipment. The room is so much more important. Some think it is a little important and others have never really considered it other than finding later that their system sounded better in a different room. I have discovered its importance. I did a demo for some friends of some of my equipment at my workplace, ended up in a bad room and it was quite embarrasing. I would go as far as to say the room is far more important than the speakers you use. Another observation is that a particular room doesn't sound just good or bad. One room can have awesome bass extension while another has maximum slam. One can reveal soundstage while another reveals detail. My particular room right now has a great soundstage, average detail, harsh highs, very little midrange reflection, good bass extension but almost no bass slam. (I can hear the lower notes but they have very little tactile feel).
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    Thanks for the link Ken. That's the kind of stuff I love to read about.

    I agree with you 100%. I have a think blanket stapled against the back wall and that really calmed the highs. However, when we can't work on the room (parents/wifes), we have to find the right combination of gear that sounds good.

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    i need to have one of you guys come to my house... i never knew that there is so much stuff concerning audio, in how to make it better or what it sounds like if this is moved here, or i place a blanket there... i feel stupid. :(

    but seriously... anyone make house calls? :D
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