Blowing Fuses! Help!

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Hello, I have 2 12" Polk/MOMOs running off of an Autotek-MX1300 at 2 ohm. It is pushing about 600x2. The problem is recently I just changed it from 4 ohm to 2 ohm and when i changed it to 2 ohm I blew a 40a, 60a, and 80a fuse in my 4awg power wire. Everything was running perfect when I was running at 4 ohm but when it came down to 2 ohm..this fuse popping problem arose. I didnt change any other connections other than running parrallel from series. The 80a fuse took about 2 minutes to melt and the 40a and 60a took about 30 seconds.
What should/can I do to stop popping fuses left and right?
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    this has happened to me too. i think its because your ohms are too low. the fuse burnin out is the amp protecting itself from overloading or you need smaller gauge wire. if i were you id run them parallel or something but i dont know what your power peaks are, so hopefully that will solve your problem.
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