what is an "Integrated"

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Could somebody explain what an Integrated Amplifier, or simply known as an Integrated, is? I am failing to see how these are not simply recievers without a tuner section.
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    Receiver without a tuner section is probably a pretty good description. It's really just a preamp and a power amp combined in one chassis.

    Compared to the relatively simple receivers of the past---My old Marantz 2270 (which I don't have any longer) for example---probably don't give up much to a typical integrated amp. Modern A/V receivers have so much extra power-hogging, noise-producing junk crammed into the chassis that, if you're interested in clean two-channel reproduction, an integrated amp makes good sense.

    I've got a couple of older Pioneer integrated amps. While they're not exactly powerhouses, they sound real clean.

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