Signal Cable Analog Two Balanced IC's

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Have five Analog Two Balanced IC's, five feet in length and nearly brand new. Were used for about one month before deciding to go back to my NAD pre with RCA outs only. These are very well built and perform as well as my Columbia RCA's did IMO. Asking $215 shipped with paypal as a gift to avoid other fees. You can check my feedback on audiogon as well. Thanks for the look. :smile:

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    Bump before the gon.
  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
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    Thanks for a heads up from a fellow member, I goofed on the pricing. My total order was $275, but I forgot I had ordered a power cord as well. The cables were about $190, so looking for $150 shipped. Again, I apologize for the error, if you look at most of my previous sales you will see that I usually price things fairly low. lol
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    is your price for all 5?
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    Affirm, all five balanced IC's. If anyone would like pics, I can get those up tomorrow, but figured there isn't all that much sexiness to XLR cables. I did really like the locking XLR cables in terms of performance, really secure connection to the components, and overall value versus high end RCA IC's, but unless I step up to an Arcam 888 soon, these will be idle for no reason.
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