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Hi I am new to the forum and I love audio and video games. Also, I was wondering if anybody is willing to trade some cars on GT5. I really want the RUF Yellowbird and I have some decent cars that I am willing to trade. Please reply if interested and I will send you a email with the cars that I have and my PSN.
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    I dont have any cool cars yet... need to play more :frown:
    Fronts -Polk Rti-A9's
    Center- Polk Csi-A6
    Sub -M&K 12"
    TV Mitsubishi 73" DLP
    Sony 110x5 (old needs replacing)
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    I tried that Yellowbird car and decided (at least to me) it handled like crap. maybe some of the other RUF cars are more controllable?:) TBW, keep playing, it takes awhile to work your way through the game, some races you'll never win because you have to get a good enough car to compete against the others. One race I was trying to win with a 1 million dollar car competing with 4 million and up cars, not gonna happen....Finally beat the others with the '91 Mazda rotary race car, I think I paid 5 million to get it though,lol. And that took quite a while to save up to. Keep playing!
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