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Well, I have been shopping around for a DAC to add to my setup with my NAD or Anthem pre, Proceed amp, and Mythos ST speakers. I had purchased a wadia transport and was looking at a benchmark DAC, but also came across the new peachtree iDAC, which intrigued me. It offered the transport and DAC in a more convenient and attractive package, so off I went to hunt one down. I was not able to find one in stock anywhere nearby, but I did find an iDecco for the same cost. I believe they use different DACs, but were fairly similar from what I was told. Considering the iDecco offered the ability to be used as a DAC and stereo output device, I decided to give it a try.

Initially, I planned on plugging in my AppleTV and Wadia into the peachtree right out of the box, but curiosity set in and I plugged my Mythos ST speakers and ipod right in. Three hours later, I am still listening and enjoying every second of it. This little device has really impressed me. Although it is the smaller of the two options (iDecco and iNova) and offers only 40 watts at 6 ohms, the soundstage and volume is impressive. The iDecco and Mythos easily fill the entire house (approximately 3000 sq ft) with clear and enjoyable music without cranking the volume much past 2/5 mark.

In comparison to the Wadia going straight into my NAD 175HD and the speakers being powered by the Proceed, there is not a significant difference considering the difference in power, price, and complexity. I don't know if the tubed pre stage comes into play, but the music really is lovely. I noticed an improvement in decay and the sounds of acoustic guitars. I moved on to some techno stuff for giggles, and the bass and sound are equally solid.

I will try to get some pictures up later, but only have a few more hours before work and I don't know if I will pull myself away from the music long enough to get it done. :smile:

I am really considering whether I will go surround sound or just stereo in my game room now.
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