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image upload test...
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    Nope, images still don't work. I tried to attach a single 178 KB image. No dice. Bummer...
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    Hey alan,
    I've had the same problem for a couple of days and someone mentioned that it was down due to the problems caused by some of the spammers and hopefully a system update may fix this hopefully soon. Last night I had help from kawizx9r in learning to use picasaweb albumns and bringing a link into posts here from that online photo sharing storage site. If you would like to try that i'd be happy to help you thru the process. I had a hard time with it initially but once I finally figured it out it really is simple. shoot me a PM if you want any help. Travis
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  • audio_alanaudio_alan Posts: 770
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    Thanks for the offer, Travis, but I was looking at another thread where the webmaster thinks he has it resolved. Hopefully I can upload images like normal tonight...
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