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if u want to see something with nudity in it--dont see dude wheres my car--they have nudity--if u happen to like transexual strippers then go for it...
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    I think what "sntnsupermen131" is trying to say is that it's disappointing that in a movie like "Dude Where's My Car," which probably really really needs it, there is little or no nudity at all.

    I'm keyed into these things.

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    Why in the name of judas priest would you even consider the thought of looking at the cover of a movie like this, let alone entertaining the thought of watching it.

    Peace Out~:D
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    I was bored one night...and got this on pay per view... have to say it was pretty sucky! dont think any good nude shots would have helped this movie at all. I recall about 2 actual funny spots...and the rest of the movie was stupid..not even stupid funny- just one step above "best in show" wich I believe is one of the worst movies ever done...:p
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    Ron P me and you have alot of the same taste in movies-thumbs up. I know there are some people in the closet here because when this new forum started up there were a few people totally braging about how "Dude Where's My Car" was like this really great movie. I was very afraid. S C A R Y. Later :cool:
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    I probably wouldn't watch Dude.... if it came to STARZ, but Best In Show? Come on, this is a pretty dang funny movie. I guess I'll just chalk it up to different tastes.
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