SDA-SRS's with Adcom 555 II and an old Yamaha?

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I've been looking for a new pre-pro to use with my Adcom 555 II and SDA-SRS's. Until I find the right unit, is there anything wrong with me using an old Yamaha DSP-A1000 receiver (that I happened to have lying around), pre-out to the Adcom 555 II, to the SDA-SRS's?

I know the Adcom 555 II is a common ground amp, but can't find anything about the older Yamaha DSP-A1000. Does anyone know if the DSP-A1000 is common ground or not? Or does it really matter if it is common ground or not, since the Adcom is really the amp in the setup?

Just thought I'd poll the group before blowing up my amp and/or speakers! :eek:


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