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I'm going to be building a box for my 10" gxr. My question is does it matter which parts overlap. ( top/bottom over front/back ) or the other way. I will be using 3/4 mdf. I have not decided what to cover box with yet.
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  • HalflungshortHalflungshort Posts: 10
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    My current measurements are the top/bottom overlapping front/back. If needs to be different this will change my measurements. Plans to start build this week. Will post picks during the process
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    I usually make the side with the woofer whether it's on the side or top or bottom the full measurement. So if the box is 14"X16"X24" and the woofer is on the 16" side then I make that piece of wood 16"X24". If the woofer is on the 14" side then that piece is
    14"X24". This also makes a general slot ported box easier to build if you are porting the box on the same side as the woofer which most are...
  • HalflungshortHalflungshort Posts: 10
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    Ok, I will do it that way. is there a reason for that other than a port? Just curious. Does it help integrity of the structure?
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    the weight of the woofer will be supported by the sides if the top is cut to full length. That will make the top stronger.
  • HalflungshortHalflungshort Posts: 10
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  • HalflungshortHalflungshort Posts: 10
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    Trying to post pics of my box
  • evil ryuevil ryu Posts: 41
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    LOL i doubt you're still on here, halflungshort...
    but try an uploading site like flickr, photobucket, etc..
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    Del-dom reported
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