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I am making custom rear trim panels for my 2003 toyota matrix. I am looking for the best way to hold the new panels down. Is it best to use the factory trim panel holes with the push in holders or is there a better way.

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    In my car what I am doing is to use some of the heavy-duty velcroe wherever the two panels would meet. This has two purposes: so that I can remove the panels easily when I am going to be heading out racing, and also because it avoids any surfaces from coming in direct contact and should help to prevent rattles. I've had good luck this way in the past (as long as you use the heavy-duty velcroe and not the cheap fuzzy stuff that you can get at the fabric shops). It also has the benefit of hiding the mountings and give a more seamless look.
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    Well, that is a good idea with the velcro. If you go that route, K-mart and most other stres like K-mart have Industrial Strength velcro. It's really strong compared to the fabric strength velcro which isn't junk, just not intended to hold things up for a long period of time. So, if you go that way, industrial strength is the way to go.

    I once velcored a laptop to the underside of a bulkhead on a cruiser. Worked like a charm. So well, I had to pry the velcro apart with a screw driver.

    The other option is the body clips which are available from car parts stores. You can get them in the HELP! section or with the hardware sections. They are usually with the cotter pins, springs, brass fittings and bolts.
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