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I am going to upgrade my system in my 98 Bug and am wondering how much power i would need to one or two MM124's subs. I am new to car audio and don't know alot.
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    I'm sure somewhere on the Polk Audio site you would find that these subs are rated at 500w rms each if you would look
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    500 is the spec, but personally - and my personal pref is not gospel, but anywho - i think 600 - 650 a sub is ideal... most people will push two mm124's with something like an RF 1000 watt mono amp / mtx 1000 watt mono - etc etc -- all of which do at least 1200 - 1300 if not more .... so there is your 600+

    :o) amp will run you (for two) about 300 - 400 online --- 700 to a grand retail.
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