Need to cancel Mpls get together..Pops in hospital

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Sorry for the last minute cancel but I am off to CA this afternoon as Dad was admitted into the hospital last night:(......not a lot of details so I feel the need to be there..................
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    Hoping for the best for your Dad NotaSuv!
    I am sorry, I have no opinion on the matter. I am sure you do. So, don't mind me, I just want to talk audio and pie.
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    Hope everything turns out ok....thoughts and prayers of course.
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    Best of luck.
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    Prayers for your dad.
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    All my best to you and your family.

    My father was admitted to the hospital last week under similar circumstances... Didn't really know what was going on, so I made a point to get there as soon as possible.

    He returned to the hospital today with complications, but everything's okay as of right now. Hope you have the same fortune!!

    On a lighter note... I was planning on coming, but now I have time to finish my Mon 7 rebuild! Hope to share them with MPLS Polkies when we get a reschedule.