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Hey i just bought 2 - 12" Gnx's. I'm already running a JBL mono 600 watt amp that is 2 ohm stable. Im pretty new to polk subs, so i was just wondering what you guys think is the best possible wiring pattern i should use for them in this situation. any advice is appreciated, thanks.
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    well... if they're single 4 ohm coil subs -- u have to run them at 2 ohms in parallel.. else u're not gonna get **** for power.

    if they're dual 4's or single 8's then u can series/parallel or parallel them down to 4 ohms, which would give you 350-ish total watts (or 175 per sub).

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    oh yeah sorry i forgot to add they are just single voice coil 4 ohms... but you still answered my question, thanks.
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