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I've noticed that Polk usually gives an "overall" frequency response in addition to the standard - 3db spec. What exactly does that mean? - 10db? -20db? I thought that vented enclosure speakers roll off at something like -24 db/octave below the -3 db point. Is this correct or is it more complicated than that? Thanks.
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    That's why I've always kind of preferred acoustic suspension designs. They roll off a lot more gracefully. There always seems to be SOME deep bass. As opposed to the vented stuff, where the bottom just drops out. There is NOTHING below that -3db point, at least nothing usable.
    I have an old pair of Advent Model 3's. 6 1/2" sealed box two way. Small box. The amount of USABLE deep bass from those things is phenomenal. They're 30 yrs old. I just took them out of my daughters HT rig because I got a pair of KLH 17's from Russman (8" sealed box two way) and I stuck those in there.

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