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  • BTO

    I saw BTO in a Qello -amazonchannel called fRont Row & Center! Qello cost like $9 extra a month but has 100's of concerts to watch..

    Wow I love seeing those 2 up there together again
    Fred Turner can really belt it out still! and he was having a blast too :)
    a must watch.

  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    the 4 Vinyl LP + 2 CD's set!

    Having seen this Concert Tour I had to have this!
  • Re: SDA-CRS/CRS+ Something Different

    1st off I have to say Thank You Dave!! B)

    I didn't want to skimp on anything for this chance to upgrade this Vintage Polks, and I had Dave use Sonicaps all around and make me a Deluxe Dreadnaught as I did not want to have any regrets later.

    But the Damping Boards really took it to a new level and after doing one speaker only and listening between the two I found the Damping boards to give a cleaner sound tighter sound especially with the Mids and I highly recommend anyone with CRS's to give them a try as if you dont like them there easy to remove but you won't ;)

    Did a lot of comparison with my Monitor 10's & Polk 703's and the wilder sound field SDA effect just makes the other speakers fall short and seem plain sounding, but with my 10's I found I was even missing some sound ambient sounds from certain songs like Steely Dan "Black cow" and others that the cross talk on the 10's eliminates but I could hear with my CRS +'s as ambient sound was more isolated off to the left where I could pay attention to it. That is the SDA effect for ya which Dave can explain better the me.

    Fist rate job again from Dave and you should see my smile every time I listen to my NEW Special Edition CRS+'s!! He really knock this one out of the park! Kudos Brother!
  • Re: Bullet-proof albums


    I like everything on it.
  • Re: I used to play guitar back in the day, I tried to get back into it the easy way

    I use to play a little Guitar Hero! but I was never much of Hero :p

    I cut the tip off my left thumb, and 3 year later a made a massive cut into the tip of my right thumb. I'd post a pic but most here wouldn't like the pic :#

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