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  • Who is this guy again? Good Stuff people! Good to see you Posting again Mark! found such a bound when I went South to Texas for the get together's! Love the old picks I saw that older Polkies posted, with Jesse, George and Carl and john and …
  • I think Greyworm had no feelings after his love died! he would follow his Queen instruction to a T....
  • I am sorry John but looking at what you posted I do not know what a sugar cube is? is it a Phono amp ? or noise canceling like blocks? forgive me!
  • I have the musical paradise DAC after having Marvin bring his to my room several years ago at LSAF! I so intrigued by DAC and so lost some times...I like what you mention in streamers and DACS ect.. the one area I still lost for words in! I've he…
    in Esoteric N-05 Comment by voltz May 20
  • wtg! very nice ..I have to use amp stand myself....nice!!! oops this was for what Indyhawg was doin! So ROCK on my Man!!!
  • dorokusai wrote: » who is this guy??? LOL good stuff dude! BTW You put a smile on my face Mark
  • Clipdat wrote: » Why were they concerned about rebuilding the brothels when there was nobody left in the city to use them? I thought everyone died and the city was completely destroyed. We certainly know the unsullied have no use for brothels! …
    in Game of Thrones Comment by voltz May 20
  • You Know Danny said his wife was driving from Colorado so fast she would have passed you LOL! I hope you get it back soon... You know I enjoy every minute of hanging out with you dude! Hope to see you soon again!
  • Doug has some DIY stuff for you to use! can you do it? heck yes Brother ...I think you can Doug is a great person and I am bias as he has become a great friend due to my years of going to the LSAF! he the kindest man I eve meet. He grows on you…
  • GlennDog wrote: » Another glowing review . . . Congrats, Skip! you make your own bed and then you have to sleep in it! WTG SKIP!!!! Yes , I am very bias...trust my opinion our not! it is all I can offer you!
  • I feel like I need to go watch some Star Trek original series!
    in Man cave junk Comment by voltz May 19
  • Rock on!!! from one great speaker to another! you have been blessed! So Rock On.
  • kharp1 wrote: » voltz wrote: » ^^^^^^ Wild Willie as I have come to nickname him is a great new Polkie who I have had the enjoyment of getting to now during the LSAF...He has become another in the great line of Texas's Polkies who are so wort…
  • lightman1 wrote: » Liver. With a nice Chianti and some Fava beans...... you sickman! you russman no just Russ! should have been a Kendall Jackson Merlot! (grow up dude) like who drinks Chianti Classico's anymore anyways except some du…
  • Back in the 60's growing up my Dad had a big old console with a TT and radio inside. have no idea what brand it was. When I became a TG&Y stock boy I upgrade to a Sound Design
    in Daddy's rig Comment by voltz May 15
  • Dawgfish wrote: » "I suggest blah, blah, blax, x, x, x. It's what I use so it has to be the best. Have I compared it to anything else in this price range? Of course not, but it's what I use so it has to be the best." Typical response to what…
  • Eric who did the review is a great person to talk about audio with, he is smart and knows his stuff and does a lot of shows and reviews and has heard a lot of gear.
  • Yes sir, I had a Parasound Z-phono, but it was big to for my rack so I went with the Graham Slee Grand Amp 2 (but it did not say Communicator on it. but it was several years ago.) Both the parasound and Graham slee were very good and the Slee was a…
  • wish I could agree with you Verb! but I haven't bought anything! but you still rule Brother so ROCK ON!
  • ^^^^^^ Wild Willie as I have come to nickname him is a great new Polkie who I have had the enjoyment of getting to now during the LSAF...He has become another in the great line of Texas's Polkies who are so worth knowing.. welcome to the hoard Will…
  • dang it Jesse! forgive me, as My fiancee cussed me out enough cause I wrote Andy instead of Andie...she said Andy is for a guy and Andie is a women..the I is for the Lady's not the Men! So my bad!! I am a stupid Kan-**** dude LOL With a memor…
  • My new Crossovers use the Ersa Super Q's inductors so maybe that is why? which Dave knows how to lower to the correct amount. as in the other thread. 16 something I think>>> dave said: The Erse will have to be unwound to 16mH
  • you know my Lounge audio SUT is Variable and I love that about it. I can make it volume level that same as my SACD player...so I would fire up my Vinyl to match the SACD as best I could..then I would hit the source button to switch between the 2 to …
  • ^^^^^^ P man plays this one a lot & I know why!
  • wow I like the looks of the Puffin And yes Parks Audio is always a contender in the world of Phono amps and SUT's!
  • Nothing as I am Jelly brained after Game of thrones last episode >>>> How about some Allan Parson's? The Games people play?
  • I have to check my stash as I may have 1 extra..but I'm sure not that I have 2 6503's extra... Jessie, correct me if I am wrong but, does my CRS+'s which are TL'ed thanks to Dave Shirley use the same exact same Crossover? but then the SDA2B's be…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » I think the Lounge Audio LCR III phono preamp would be in budget. There is one visiting here now (shades of poor @mrbiron and the hostage situation with his Reduction!). I can say that it sounds good. https://hifihaven.o…
  • hmm nobody mention Vincent PHO 8?????? seriously as many polkies have this one as I did but sold it to get the PHO 700 which has a tube but didn't make much of a difference! https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=VIPHO8 make sure you …
  • The last scene was like a page from "Schindler's List" all the ashes and the violins! 1 more to go....I hate calling it right earlier but I now think it had to happen. where do we go from here, now that all Children have grown up? And h…
    in Game of Thrones Comment by voltz May 13

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