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  • Re: Basil Hayden's

    Found some Blantons at local store, WOW!! I thought the Col Taylor was excellent but the Blanton's in so unique and a differnt kind of smooth!

    think its the best I ever drank...stay away as this one will ruin you for most other Bourbons!
  • Re: Turntables

    kharp1 wrote: »
    Well, things didn't work out as I had originally planned, seems Discount Bandit was unable to fulfill they're promised price, so, I snagged this demo Pro-Ject from Audio Advisor for what I felt was a fair price.


    Will be here tomorrow. I still have so much to do before the baby arrives.

    That my TT :) and I super happy with it, but since it is a HOMC cart they have you use the MM setting on your Phono amp and you will have to turn the volume up a bit.

    I bought a SUT (Step up transformer) for mine and the volume went from 12 o'clock to 9 o'clock and you don't have to use one but I found it helped out nicely.

    currently using the Lounge audio Copla
  • Re: Has anyone tried this before - SDA CRS+10?

    I put my CRS+'s crossovers in my M10's after Reading what Ronnie had done. I use my Binding post cup so I could use my DreadNaught and thought it was kind of cool to listen to it that way :)

    I have since gave my Monitor 10's to a friend at Work who was getting ready to retire and and it has the upgrade M10 crossover back in it, and i did some special work with blackhole 5 that Dave @westmassguy told me about and Jerry is on cloud 9 listening to the 10's. they also have the RDO-198's in them.

    his system is the M10's + Peachtree Integrated amplifier and Marantz CD player.

    But thanks to Ronnie I had a lot of fun with my M10 SDA's B)

  • Re: Just another noob question or 2...

    I have the NAD T-758 and I use to have some RTiA7's but I have since sold the A7's and upgraded to the 705's.

    I think the NAD is one of the better sounding AVR's for Music but not in same league as my 2 channel setup but a very good music AVR, but it lacks many bells & whistles other AVR have. And I think that is why it is more musical to me.

    the T-758 has preouts so you can add a amplifier to run the 2 front speakers - this is what I do as I use a 150 wpc vincent amplifier to power the front 2 speakers and the NAD powers only the center channel and my 2 surround speakers.

    I admit when I listen to music I use a 2 channel only system and only use the NAD for movies or blu-ray concerts.
  • Re: Usher CP - 6381

    Red if you lived in Cincinnati you would have been a lot closer.

    but you don't have to drive to Dallas, just to Louisville and hop a ride with Kerri on his way to Marvin's house to listen to his speakers again. or you may have to do the driver after his Ticket ;)

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