Luxman TP114 PreAmp/Tuner Carver TFM35x Amp SDA 2B (stock) SDA 1c (wip)


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  • Re: What is it with people ? Rant

    stangman67 wrote: »
    It just seems to be a general lack of give a s**t for other people. I'm a young guy and I notice it more and more with people of my age group, its just really disappointing to see on a day in and day out basis.

    I hear ya. Had CL folks contact me with interest and never show up.
    And had a guy sell an item just before I arrived, even though we just got off the phone and told him I was on my way !!! Wiskey Tango Foxtrot !!!

    And idiots not respecting the items they are shipping. Had some Polk RT35i's arrive in a box with absolutely no packaging !!! Obviously they were mangled upon arrival. Ebay has a good return policy now for damaged items, but Wiskey Tango Foxtrot !!!

    I feel better now ... Thanks @stangman67 !!!
  • Re: Another 1C upgrade path

    Hurricane nut rotation during installation.
    There have been some comments about this, but wanted to measure the amount of rotation on sample piece.
    This is important when clipping a portion off the flange end so not to protrude through the speaker opening. See below:
    I measured about 45 degrees, or about 1/4" at the edge of the flange.
    This will help to position the H-nut initially so that it ends up in the correct position after install.

  • Re: Polk Audio Command Bar - Official Discussion

    First and foremost I must say that since I joined CP a little while ago I truly love this forum. I have received many comments and expert advice, and many opinions during my tenure. Laughed a lot, scratched my head a bit, but continued to dive into the volumes within this treasure trove of information.

    During one trip deep in the archives, I was reading through a interview with Matthew Polk in this forum, during which he was reflecting on the fact that SDA technology initially was not eagerly accepted by the Audiophile community. What - how could that be? Mostly because I believe it was a smack in the face of the status quo. Also, commercially a lot of audio sellers were not on board for a variety of reasons. Eventually they did break through, became a commercial success, and IMO are amongst the best speakers ever developed.

    Mr. Polk opined on the demise of the larger floor standing speakers, due to lifestyle changes and the push for small satellite, separate sub boxes. Not my first lifestyle choice, but the choice of a bunch of people out there.

    My point is that any new technology introduction is always an experiment. Not all of it takes. I'm reminded of the Apple Newton. Utterly a commercial disaster, but look now everyone has smart phones.

    Look at the race to develop autonomous vehicles. Not for everybody, but there is a market.

    I am no way near being an early adopter but I love the evolution of technology and having the ability to make lifestyle changes in the future.

    I am a big fan of the vintage 2 channel setups. I'm rebuilding a set of 1C's and been running a set of bone stock 2B's for many years on my vintage rig.

    But I do have a separate 11.2 setup (was originally a 5.1, then 7.1) with all Polk RT satellites. And yes 2 Polk sub's !!!

    There is a place for both, IMHO :smile:
  • Re: Post a picture... any picture

    Clipdat wrote: »
    Sportster all dayyyyy
    No comparison :)
    Yep that's why I decided to keep the Sporty !!! Acceleration, handling, etc., more crisp than the Heritage.
    The Heritage is a great cruiser !!! Long distance rides, lower CG, comfort, just more refined than the visceral Sportster.
    Gotta have both !!!

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