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  • Re: Polk Audio Super Bowl Party...

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Thanks John but it's a long walk for me :p

    Yep, me too....but if John was a good chap, he'd include some plane tickets with that offer. :p
  • Re: Dynaudio Audience 72

    Man, you guys are A-holes....making me have to still look at these. Buy 'em dagnabit !! :)
  • Re: Post a picture... any picture

    mrbiron wrote: »
    Here's a picture of my wood.


    Ya know....I looked at your wood....but I had one eye closed, just in case.
  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    vmaxer wrote: »
    tonyb wrote: »
    vmaxer wrote: »
    tonyb wrote: »
    StevieB wrote: »
    Sorry to hear about the McCormack. My new to me DNA-1, kicked the Parasound A23's azz all the way from Florida to New Hampshire! B)

    LOL, glad to hear this. I don't push them for no reason. On the used markets now, they are a few steps up from the Parasounds and B&k's we all love. All good amps in their own right too.

    I have 2 of them although only using the deluxe.

    Have an Adcom, B&K reference, and the other McCormack sitting on a rack.

    Sitting on a rack ??
    Send the McCormack to me and I'll let it sit on my rack actually doing something. :) :D

    Send me a filled medium envelope.


    Dagos and envelopes are like pb&j....I can send ya one. Can't guarantee what it will be filled with though. :)
  • Re: Sometimes I just need a reminder...

    kharp1 wrote: »
    That's what it takes to keep me in a maintainable state, other wise I revert to "serial killer" mode.

    Don't we all ?? :)

    Sounds like if you ever lose power, and can't make coffee or listen to music, you turn into a Zombie on the hunt. :)

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