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  • I'll agree with Trey on this one, way too high a price.
    in RT16's Comment by tonyb 10:59AM
  • My 2 oldest grandsons, looking to take over the family business.
  • Is it a perishable item ? If not....just wait to order it so it coincides with the date you want it.
  • The outlaw would be the better choice in this scenario. Your speakers are very easy to drive anyway, and the Outlaw is newer. You could get away with a 2 channel amp too and let the receiver handle that small S30 center.
  • This here is a steal kids, snatch it up.
  • codycatalist wrote: » Not sure if this place was mentioned or not. While being too expensive for me it might work for some of you. They basically facilitate shipping of a ton of popular top notch food joints. Is it…
    in Reds eats Comment by tonyb December 8
  • Ha, I did take a drive and see those sights. Creepy, that the same church used in the movie still has a grave right out the back door. I usually take that route back from Napa to San fran. Longer yes, but the drive down the coastal highway is wor…
    in Reds eats Comment by tonyb December 7
  • kharp1 wrote: » Underwood has the Stellar Gain Cell for $1079 delivered right now. P6 runs $1500. Anthem at $4k is a sizable increase in price. Wonder if it offers 3-4x the sound quality. You know how that usually turns out. Man, for the…
  • ….and they say Bigfoot isn't real. You gonna braid that thing and put Christmas bells on the ends ? lol
  • boston1450 wrote: » I was just in Wiscasset the other day with oldest daughter. Drove right by Reds n didnt even look. If u need any help PM me. Ive seen 50 to 100 people lined up at that joint. Im from Orrs Island - Brunswick area. Yeah, t…
    in Reds eats Comment by tonyb December 7
  • mrbigbluelight wrote: » "My tower crane" ? What is a tower crane ? I'm asking for a friend. Those cranes you see at the top of buildings under construction, that's a tower crane. You guys get paid well, and it's scary stuff, one wrong…
  • Thanks for the input guys.
    in Vitamix Comment by tonyb December 6
  • Skip will dress up as a girl for ya, he's not picky.
  • gimpod wrote: » F1nut wrote: » Are they greasy? Most likely yellow in front and brown in back. That's no way to talk about our beloved Lightman. !! Coal for you in your sock pal.
  • rooftop59 wrote: » Ya dropping hints on what we should get u for Christmas there tony??? Nahh, I like giving out good eats to family members at Christmas time. Usually I get stuff from Marilyn blue crab cakes, but the shipping is a killer t…
    in Reds eats Comment by tonyb December 6
  • I can admit I was wrong, won't make that same mistake here in this one. So I'm just asking politely, don't start, please.
  • joecoulson wrote: » Lol. You see where it’s from right? Chile....talked them into sending some peppers with it. Have to admit, Chile is the last place, well, next to Afghanistan, I would expect audio anything from.
  • tonyp063 wrote: » Tony, In general I agree with you. But as a point of order I'd suggest you look at the source of the "data" that Examiner quotes. The Census Bureau ? If you think about that, the numbers in reality would be worse. Why ? …
  • motorhead43026 wrote: » The_Polkster wrote: » verb wrote: » nooshinjohn wrote: » Give it a rest Bartdaws… using the LOL tab for posts of condolence is a classless thing to do. I recall another longtime member doing this to…
  • I just clicked on "manage delivery" and it is now rerouted to my house.
  • To further my point, on the job well done by government running it's programs, they have known for years about the oncoming amount of baby boomers retiring and enrolling in medicare/Medicaid. Did they do anything to shore that up ? Nope. Did they do…
  • rooftop59 wrote: » Link to the source of that report tony? Was it a non partisan academic think tank, government, or faux news? The source makes a huge difference. After all, 98% of all statistics are made up... I would tend to agree with y…
  • I believe it was a government report, I'll find the link.
  • cfrizz wrote: » motorhead43026 wrote: » Are there some that are abusing the system? Of course, but I think that it is a much smaller percentage then you seem to think. As is the amount of money you all imagine they are getting. Yo…
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » Notice the speaker outputs reference 8-16 ohm load. It is not rated for 4ohm at all. It is a pro amp so it can use different connections one or the other not both or 2 sets of speakers. No matter how you come up with the question…
  • F1nut wrote: » verb wrote: » The problems on my mobile phone have actually deterred me away from using it as often as I did. Frustrating. Same here because the mobile site is flat out horrible. That it is. I'm pretty sure a comp…
  • Mikey081057 wrote: » tonyb wrote: » Do any of you guys with the Breville find that the beans don't always feed well into the grinder ? In the almost 3 years using the old one... never had an issue... I keep my beans in a vacuum jar afte…
    in Breville USA Comment by tonyb December 5
  • pglbook wrote: » tonyb wrote: » pglbook wrote: » tonyb wrote: » I would temper your expectations. Not just because it's an integrated, but different sound signatures between the Yamaha and Parasound gear. I would imagine the Yamaha …
  • I understand that Cathy, I was making assertions that we could cherry pick from other areas things that might work. Not only here, but how other countries handle HC. Car insurance is not just for a material object, as medical costs from accidents ar…

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