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  • Brian, while I liked the Forte's, it still sounded a bit congested to me. Plus I have a feeling at higher volumes that harshness might be a bit more apparent. Still, all in all, better than some previous models I've heard.
  • I understand a certain Sicilian/Cuban joined the forum.....and the sucker didn't bring any food ?? Whats up with that ? He should know by now there's a 5 cannoli entrance fee.
  • Got it man, just haven't had time to play with it yet.'s my Birthday gents on Friday and I've got dinners planned the whole weekend. Ha...Birthdays, yet another number to not give a hoot about.
  • marvda1 wrote: » here's my take, the big mags and online sites are going to the same expensive manufacturers that they review (paid advertisements) and the prices for rooms is geared towards the big guys. some of these mega $$$$ manufacturers sho…
  • maximillian wrote: » Sad. Of course, happy no one died (a firefighter was hurt though). French president says he wants to make it "better". Hopefully no one takes a creative license on "better". I visited the place 10 years ago. It's huge a…
  • Buy this Kerry before I get myself in deep crap. Save a brotha….brotha.
  • I must say Verb, your the only guy I know that spit shines his gym shoes.
  • halo wrote: » pitdogg2 wrote: » you can have all the portillo's you want I do not find it appealing at all. Nothing like waiting in line to order your food then waiting in another line to get your food. FORK that!! Here in my neck of the wood…
  • Personally, I wouldn't bridge those amps, not only for the added noise it introduces, but the amps in bridged mode may not like anything below an 8 ohm load. That said, the only damage you'll do is with the volume dial. If you haven't learned yet…
  • Buy it Kerry. That's your penance for not showing up at AXPONA. I'd buy it myself if coin wasn't tight right now.
  • I only had a few hours there on Saturday, but for the rooms I hit, must say I heard more bad than good. Super crowded on Saturday too, more so than last year. For listening experiences, think I prefer Lonestar better. It's more relaxed, and most …
  • verb wrote: » lightman1 wrote: » Who's the fvcks it with the shaggy hair? Back left. I recognize the other dipsnitz.... Don’t be poking on my new buddy Ivan! BTW the perm is very fashionable! Perm ?? I thought that was from the …
  • rooftop59 wrote: » I don’t know Tom, but know I have an image in my head of a bald man playing twister in a water bed with his wife...thanks for that... Yeah man, Tom has a way with leaving troubling visions in your head.
  • …..and nobody put Russ's face on that ? Slow you guys are today.
  • Surprised this is still here. Solid unit kids, and from a great seller.
  • Steve, IHEART radio is close to the Pandora experience. However, finding a radio station that plays in higher quality is going to be tough. Most all the streaming services have radio stations, local and around the globe. You can add stations t…
  • Brian, count me and the wife for dinner Saturday night.
  • dromunds wrote: » How do you handle virus protection with a pad like this Lenovo? Just wondering as I have no experience with other than an I-pad.... Same as any other PC. They usually come with some sort of virus software installed.
    in Trade ?? Comment by tonyb April 6
  • Can't believe this is still here. Guys, suck this bad boy up, you won't regret a thing. Helps too she's a beauty to look at.
  • Think I may just go pick up a Lenova tab 4 10 incher from bestbuy. Anyone see a reason why I shouldn't ?
    in Trade ?? Comment by tonyb April 5
  • You have to compare apples and apples between tax years. Most of us saw a raise in our weekly checks, making your yearly income more, while the tax tables were adjusted to capture that also. So you may get back less at the end of the year, but more …
    in Tax time Comment by tonyb April 5
  • How low it actually goes is going to be room dependent.....for any sub.
  • nooshinjohn wrote: » I will believe that when Polk decides to appoint me the new moderator... I already sent them a dead fish John, you may have to wait a bit longer.
  • So you have to go to the garage then, to get all your ingredients to cook with ? Sorry Bud, doesn't make sense to me. The proximity of the fridge, when cooking is just as important as the remote when watching TV. You don't keep the remote in the gar…
  • BlueFox wrote: » F1nut wrote: » I find it somewhat ironic that folks interested in cranking the dB's are concerned about the dB level of their dishwasher. When I had my kitchen remodeled I intentionally omitted a dish washer. In so fa…
  • I read one of the reviews, and the reviewer stated the Mag .7 at 1400 bucks was a better deal.
  • Right....I mean the speaker cables look like they are connected to both speakers, running under the slab of the gear connected. WTF is that ? Plus you can see the grate in the fireplace so no gear in there. The bottle on the man…
  • Pic looks nice, but one has to ask....where's all the gear at ?
  • Look at SVS subs, HSU, for better subs. Subs don't have to match speakers since no voices come out of them. A black sub will match just about any speaker since the grills are usually black.
  • Depends on the implimentations of the USB in your piece. Some are very good, others it was more so an after thought. If your referring to the Grant tube dac, the USB isn't that great. I like digital coax myself.

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