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    We've had our T&N king size mattress for about a year and a half and still find it very comfortable. No regrets at all. Money well spent.
  • Re: Karma: Polk Audio TSi100 speakers

    Wow! Very nice gesture to karma those speakers. I could really use them to replace the old Paradigm speakers we are using in our bedroom. One of the Paradigms is sounding a little "fuzzy' and I'm pretty sure they are not supposed to sound like that. Please consider me "in". Thanks
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    Spectacular! Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing.
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    cmy330go wrote: »
    Digging up an older thread here.

    Just curious what, if anything came of this. I too am in the market, and have been doing a lot of research. I was all sold on the KJ because of features, and accessories for the money, but have noticed an alarming number of recent reviews, and threads expressing frustration over KJ's lack of customer service. Just wonder if the OP ever made a move, and what kind of experience it's been so far, or if anyone else here has any further input to add.

    I tried digging up some info on but it seems that every recent thread about KJ that has any significant criticism get's shut down by some admin that is somehow associated with or getting perks from KJ. IMO that just throws up more red flags, but really want to know the facts before I shell out significantly more $$$ for a BGE. Thanks in advance for any info.

    Yes, I made a decision and I bought a Komado Joe and am very happy with it. The features like the new air hinge make it so much easier to use than the BGE. I can lift the top with one finger. I would highly recommend the 2017 model with the new features rather than the previous models without the air hinge. At first glance, it looks like the KJ is much more expensive than the BGE. But cost wise, it comes out to be about the same price as the BGE, once you add the necessary accessories to the BGE that do not come standard with the BGE but do come with the KJ. In my opinion it is well worth the money. I've had absolutely no reason to contact customer service so I can't comment on that part of your question, but I have read both good and bad for both KJ and BGE.


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