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  • Re: CABLE TALK??

    I come across a video on YouTube titled, "Audiophiles or Audiofools?" and I immediately know which side of the debate the author is on.

    I guess it makes some people feel better about themselves to KNOW that all this hi-fidelity mumbo jumbo is just that & that their Beats headphones (while pricey) are actually worth the expenditure because EVERYONE wears them/uses them/ has them/ loves them/blah, blah, blah.

    If you're different and you think, say, the Sennheiser HD 650 is an amazing sounding pair of headphones but, Beats headphones sound like garbage, well my man (or woman, or whatever), you (yes, YOU) must be WRONG because EVERYONE ELSE is RIGHT about how GREAT Beats headphones sound.

    Maybe it's a herd mentality? Maybe it's more than one thing. Maybe it has to do with the fact that there's NO DIFFERENCE between the sound output by an Audio-VIdeo-Receiver and a dedicated amplifier, right? (I don't personally follow that train of thought but there are those that do). Or, ALL AMPS SOUND THE SAME, right? (again, not my personal belief here but there are people who don't believe there is a difference).

    There are many ways to separate an audiofool from his/her/whomever's money, right? It's the same old argument and it floats around from audio topic to audio topic and it covers the gambit from what I've seen and heard.

    I've been on both sides of the coin because, in the beginning of my audio journey, I didn't hear a difference between ratshack cables and monster cables. I saw how expensive the higher end monster cables were and I thought it was total snake oil. Well, I didn't have the level of gear that would allow me to hear the difference between high end cables (of whatever brand they may be) and basic cables. As my level of experience changed and the level of gear I encountered went from basic to better than basic (and further up the ladder ((or down the rabbit hole))) I got my learn on. Experience taught me a lot and the people on this forum who shared their home's and their equipment, and their knowledge allowed me to experience different gear for myself. As my budget allowed, I picked up different gear to allow me to experiment.

    Perhaps there are those with perfect pitch and golden ears but I'm just an average dude making my way in this hobby looking to find the sound that I'm after.

    I don't think there's any right or wrong answer as this is all very subjective. We all perceive things differently because we are all different. I think it should all boil down to you doing what makes you happy. I've heard expensive stuff that didn't seem worth it to me while some budget stuff seemed great. Conversely, some budget stuff sounded like garbage while some expen$ive gear sounded amazing. There's no universal rule that applies here, at least, not that I've seen/heard/experienced.

    That's my $0.02 on it. Love this forum. Love having discussions with folks here. Love to get my learn on. Love to help others when/if I can be of service.
  • Re: Gustard X20U DAC

    I found this to be an interesting read & it mentions the Gustard: https://www.musicservertips.com/product-reviews/smsl-m8-dac/
  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    Gorgeous amp Drew! Nice score!
  • Re: Subaru Impreza 2011 with Subwoofer

    Aftermarket audio gear will (almost) always be better than the OE sound system and the aftermarket gear will be le$$ expensive than buying new OE gear from a dealership.

    Stick with the small sealed subs that get good reviews. They don't take up a lot of space in the trunk and will definitely give you some thump. Many active subs are available as well and you'll have to run the power wire from your battery to the amp.

    I agree with msg, check in with the folks on the subaru forums.
  • Re: Cart/Stylus for Pioneer PL510

    The Schiit Mani @ $129 has been getting a lot of favorable reviews and I agree that the Parasound zphono is also a nice "budget" option. I have also tried the Art DJ Pre II and it's a ridiculously good value just to get you started. I'm no longer using the DJ pre II since I got the Bottlehead pre going in my setup so I'd be more than happy to sell it to you if you need a dedicated phono pre to get you started. Yes, it works well with the Grado Black :smile: Send me a PM if interested.

    I had several Pioneer 'tables here over the last year (2 PL-7's & a PL-500) and they all played very well with the Grado Black. Thankfully, I did not experience the Grado "hum" on any 'table with which I paired it.

    I actually have the Black on my Technics SL-Q3 right now. I am torn between the Shure M95ED & the Grado Black on this 'table. They both sound great.

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