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  • Re: 2B's Más Huevos

    I really hate to tell you but your using the wrong inductors, The DCR is to low and the wire gauge (AWG) looks to big.

    This is what you should have special ordered from PartsExpress

    0.40 mH, 22 AWG, Part No. 1489,
    1.25 mH, 20 AWG, Part No. 1137,
    2.50 mH, 20 AWG, Part No. 1695,

    Here's some link's to read on inductor replacement.

    Sorry. :disappointed:
  • Re: SDA 1C vs SDA SRS 2

    JayMX wrote: »
    Yes they both have vertical tweeters. From what I can see on the photos they are both blade blade I really appreciate all the knowledge here and the fast responses! :smiley:

    If in fact the SDA SRS 2's do have the blade/Blade I.C. they are the 1986 Gen 3 version & IMO less desirable then the later 1987 pin/Blade gen 4 version for two reasons. First - You can not use a AI-1 or Dreadnought I.C. in order to run a non-common ground amp including mono blocks (The crossover design won't allow it). Second - The cost of upgrading a gen 3 crossover, It can be very expensive depending on what caps you chose.

    The 2 versions of the SDA SRS 2

    1986 SDA SRS 2 (Gen 3) w Wood End caps & Black Cloth sides with a Wood stripe, blade/Blade I.C. (It will have 2 binding posts), Dual board crossover, with 2 MW6509 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6509 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW150 Passive Radiator.

    1987 SDA SRS 2 (Gen 4) w Wood End caps & Black Cloth sides with a Wood stripe, a pin/Blade I.C. (It will have 4 binding posts), Single board crossover with 2 MW6511 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW155 Passive Radiator.

    Now the SDA 1C, Most people don't realize that there are at least 3 versions of these.

    An very early (1987 i believe) Studio version (Basically a left over SDA 1B cab) with a dual board crossover, with 2 MW65211 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW120 Passive Radiator.

    Now what's interesting is component & value wise the Capacitors, Resistors & Inductors are the same as the the single board pin/Blade crossover. The only way to tell for sure is to pop a driver out and check the model #, if it's a MW6510 or MW6511 they are indeed SDA 1C's but if it is a MW6509 they are SDA 1B's.

    SDA 1C Studio (Black) with a pin/Blade I.C., Single board crossover (BE1618-B) with 2 MW65211 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW120 Passive Radiator.

    SDA 1C w Wood End caps & Black Cloth sides with a pin/Blade I.C., Single board crossover (BE1618-B) with 2 MW65211 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW120 Passive Radiator.

    Either model would be a good be fit for that room. If it was me and the SRS 2's were the pin/Blade 1987 Gen 4 model I would take those if not take the SDA 1C's. Or with that room (25x16) I think I'd hold off & save up my money and go for a pair of SDA SRS 2.3TLs or SDA SRS 1.2TLs (If you have the room "Go Big or Go Home" :wink: )

    Do some more investigation, If you can get a 4th or 5th generation SDA they will serve you better down the road, Remember the 4th or 5th generation SDAs are the only ones that can use the AI-1 or Dreadnought I.C. so they will work with non-common ground amps.

    There's nothing wrong with the earlier SDAs there wonderful speakers just be aware of there limitations amp wise (Common Ground only).
  • Re: speaker connection: banana vs spade

    F1nut wrote: »
    Solder those connections.

    I'll do you one better, I arc weld mine after all I use really cheap rusty paper clips soldered end to end with acid core solder then wrap them in duck tape. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Actually mine are Ultrasonically Welded.


    I have had similar issues prejudging seemingly healthy holders of the tags, and have adjusted how I look at disabilities, being extremely blessed with good health all my life.

    With that said, the one that I struggle with today are the "Therapy Animals" getting the same rights as highly trained dogs that help those with blindness. I don't want to eat next to a table or ride a plane with a pig or turkey sitting in the seat next to me......I mean, technically aren't all our animals therapeutic since we all feel better when they are around. Landlords, taxis, trains, airlines, businesses are being taken advantage of by the special status that is handed to these pets simply with a prescription. I love my 2 cats and dog, but don't believe that I would ever abuse others with my neurotic tendencies.

    If I am wrong and offend anyone, help me understand better so that I can get with the program, as I am becoming an old phart at times.

    The problem here is a lot of doctors will just sign with little to no regard to what there signing, Kinda like doctor shopping to get your opioid script filled 10 times a month.
    deronb1 wrote: »
    Its a slippery slope. Those with depression and anxiety do benefit from therapy animals and they help offset medications, but i do agree that if one cannot venture outside and deal with the world without said animals, then maybe more help is needed.

    I agree "Therapy Animals" are NOT Highly Trained Guide Dogs / Service Dogs and should not be treated the same!

    A few points from someone who's had to deal with this B.S. for going on 38 years.

    1. Handicapped Placard's and such are mostly for those with mobility issues, Not everyone who has a disability qualifies for the Placard. In the state of WA being just blind does not qualify you for a Placard, you have to have a qualifying mobility issue also. It is a common misconception that "If your disabled you qualify".

    2. If you have a qualifying handicap the Placard is not that hard to get and is free in most states. This may sound cold but if you can't be bothered to get one then you don't deserve the privilege to park in these spots. I can't tell you how many times we've had to park in the outer reaches of Mongolia just so we could get out of my van and not have to worry too much about coming back only to find some moron parked so close we couldn't get the ramp down even though there was a sticker on that side of the van warning people not to park within 8ft of the door.

    3. If a person parks his car/truck/van (Handicapped or not) in a Handicap spot without a Placard/Plate or Sticker and not having a matching I.D. card to go with said permit it is still ILLEGAL to do so and you should not feel bad about sticking one of these notices on there vehicle, Who knows maybe you'll inspire them to get a Placard (See #2).

    4. I wish I could take credit for these but I can't as I got them from the V.A.

    FYI: These are the rules for WA and I'm sure they vary from state to state, look them up at your states Department of Licensing.
    Disabled parking: Who is eligible?
    Who determines if you qualify

    A licensed physician, physician assistant, or registered nurse practitioner must determine if you qualify for disabled parking privileges.

    Types of conditions that qualify

    You may receive disabled parking privileges if you have a disability that meets at least 1 of the following criteria:

    1. You can’t walk 200 feet without stopping to rest.
    2. Your ability to walk is severely limited due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition.
    3. You’re so severely disabled that you can’t walk without the use of or assistance from a brace, cane, another person, prosthetic device, wheelchair, or other assistive device.
    4. You use portable oxygen.
    5. You’re restricted by lung disease to such an extent that forced expiratory respiratory volume when measured by spirometry is less than 1 liter/second or the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 mm/hg on room air at rest.
    6. You’re impaired by cardiovascular disease or cardiac condition to the extent that your functional limitations are classified as Class III or IV under standards accepted by the American Heart Association.
    7. You have a disability resulting from an acute sensitivity to automobile emissions which limits or impairs your ability to walk. Your physician, physician assistant, or advanced registered nurse practitioner must document that the disability is comparable in severity to the others listed above.
    8. You’re legally blind and have limited mobility.
    9. You have acute sensitivity to light associated with a form of porphyria that would significantly benefit from a decrease in exposure to light. Porphyria refers to a group of inheritable metabolic disorders in which exposure to light can result in burning, blistering, swelling, and scarring of the skin.
  • Re: Problem removing drivers

    I'm not familiar with the Monitor 10s but if you can get behind the drivers try pushing them out by the magnets, Don't pry on the baskets.

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