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  • Re: Problem removing drivers

    I'm not familiar with the Monitor 10s but if you can get behind the drivers try pushing them out by the magnets, Don't pry on the baskets.
  • Re: BRING @F1nut's OLD AVATAR BACK!!!

    Ya, That's what the Jews said in Germany in the 1930s and look what happened.
    Gotta call it like I see it.
  • Re: SRS 3.1TL Rebuild


    Plus a new set of PCB's to go with those new caps & resistors. (Shameful plug :blush: )

    Here's a link to the parts @Mike Reeter is talking about and a pic of the new PCB.

    Here are a couple links on how to fix a frozen driver. ( This only has about a 50% chance of working, the biggest problem is getting the magnet and pole/end cap off and back on without damaging the voice coil )

    Resetting a Loose Magnet with Pictures

    Pics of the Magnet Jig
  • Re: Ariana Grande tour tragedy

    Joey_V wrote: »
    What the heck... It's amazing some people still believe in communism.

    Why not, There's still people here on this forum that believe wire is all the same.!

    Back on topic (sort of)

    First I'm not a religious person and I don't believe in any of the organized religions period, I think they all have got it wrong, Why, that's a multi page rant better left for another day and another forum. But if it brings solaces to your life and doesn't make you want to hurt people or ram it down my throat then good for you.

    But I do have a few questions about this whole martyr, paradise and 70 virgins thing.

    So in order to be a martyr you strap bomb on and vaporize yourself while killing a bunch of innocent people. Yea right I don't buy that one ether. It just means your really stupid and gullible.

    Now we come to paradise, It's not very well described if at all. And remember one mans paradise is another mans hell.

    Ah the virgins. There not described very well ether, for all you know they could be 80 year old lesbos who would rather cut your junk off and feed it to the dog. Now I've been with virgins and well trained hookers and if this is for eternity I'll take the hookers.

    While on the subject of virgins, You just vaporized yourself so my guess is you'd be non-corporeal by now so would you even be capable of getting it on at this point.?

    I have a bunch more questions but I think you get the point.

    I think I'd rather spend some money on a good bottle of tequila, a high end hooker and be happy.

    I think that's the answer, These guys just need to go out and get wasted and laid.


    Peace, Love and Rock 'n Roll. :smiley:
  • Re: The heaviest set of SDA's ever!!! :-)

    Hey Larry, I was just wondering how 30lbs of aluminum to the top, bottom and sides are going to affect the resonate frequency of the cabinet thus changing the over all sound if it does at all?

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