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    Another hunter and Polk fan...


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    delkal wrote: »
    I am wondering what kind of gasket they use to make the speaker airtight. The thin gaskets I have seen on the other Polk models wouldn't work with the driver overlapping.

    The MW is surface mounted and the passive is recessed and it looks like there would be an air gap, but if you were to remove the MW, you would see plenty of surface area for a proper seal. In that configuration, a simple O-ring on the basket of the MW would be more than addequate.
  • Re: Building Setup for FM Stereo; General Crossover Work Question

    I modded a pair of truck sub boxes back in the day to flatten the awful bump that was originally built into them... Took advantage of the cabin gain and had response down below 30hz with a pair of 10s shoved in a horrible spot behind the seats of my fiero.

    I essentially more than tripled the length of the original port an added some poly fill. It will be much easier to figure the proper port length if you make one of the holes a dummy port and flair both ends to keep the port noise down.

    Edit: looking at the boxes again, block both factory ports and drill another one @ 2.5-3" at the 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock position. And tune from there... The original ports are pathetic and inappropriately sized for the woofer.
  • Re: Classical Music Question - Mono vs Stereo?

    Same thing that happens to the rear left and right channels of a 7.1 mix when put through a 6.1 system, the 2 channels are pushed together and any cross talk or interlacing cancels out in the amp before it hits the speaker. And in your case the signal is split again back to your speakers. That's why it sounds a bit lacking to your ear.

    Matrixing can be done in reverse as well with a 5.1 mix into a 7 or 9.1 system. Only in this case, the AVR is able to pan the signals to help with the illusion.
  • Re: Does this waveform look clipped to you?

    It is gross. With over a century of recording technology at our disposal, and all the knowledge that comes with it, there's no reason to have a poorly recorded and mastered piece of music anymore, ever.

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