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  • Re: Bottlehead Mainline is $250 off through Feb 11

    Gonna go edgy on the next one.

    Pee wee Herman edition, theater version.
  • Re: Bottlehead: Crack-a-two-a build

    Honey... the house is burning down...ya...the kids?....what kids? Grab the damn amps and then come back until we have all of them out. Love you!!
  • Re: HD650/600 cable build. The Halo Silver Edition.

    Wow... odd, looks like my proctologist office...
  • Re: HD650/600 cable build. The Halo Silver Edition.

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    ALL212 wrote: »
    My proctologist is missing his... Next visit I'll get you some.

    I don't even want to know......
    T EM EI T EM EI.....

    Don't be such a baby. I'll wash 'em this time.

  • Re: HD650/600 cable build. The Halo Silver Edition.

    Were/are you happy with the Eidolic stuff?
    Ya - it's decent quality. The 1/4" jack was very easy to put together. I like that they included the insulator with it.
    The Y thing - it just happened to work with that cable/techflex and one layer of heatshrink - I pulled it all together and it fit very tightly. Another combination of things and it would have either not gone together or have been lose. I wish the exit holes were bigger. First time I've used such a thing although I have used the ViaBlue splitters on speaker cable. Normally it's cable pants or heatshrink.

    Other than the clampy thing on the 1/4" plug there is no strain relief - at the plug that's fine. you can't take that Y thing apart and, as they recommend, you either fill it with hot glue or figure out a way to jam the cable into it. A simple set screw would be nice on that.

    Rich - here's how I normally remove the shield and insulation but because it was for someone I like I did it a different way. Feel free to use this method.

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