Reissued LP's

We all know how great Steele Dan's Aja sounds. Has anyone bought and been dissaopinted with the 180g reissue? I got it and it does not sound as alive as the original. I didn't expect it to sound better, but for $35, I was hoping for a new clean copy that sounds as good. I called Music Direct and they told me their just the distributor and that I should call the label, which I have not done yet. I'm going to give it another listen first. I also spent $60 on a reissue of All Thinks Must Pass. Same deal as Aja. Where's the snap of the snare drum? At this stage of my life I don't mind paying up for a new copy of an album I have enjoyed for decades. I do mind being duped into buying a product that is not as advertised. Let me state that I have purchased many reissues that sound great, some go back to the 50's, so I know it can be done. I am looking forward to hearing your comments and advise.
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