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I actually have my system with a pair of RT12s in the front, a CS225 center channel and a pair of M5s as surrounds.

I was happy with my configuration, but because of some architectural changes to my TV Room, I had to put the M5s approx 2 feet behind my listening position and I lost a lot of the Surround effect. I think that my solution could be upgrading my sorrounds to a dipole / bipole configuration. Am I right?

If so, I need to know which surround dipole speakers match my RT12s and my CS225 center.

Please advise.

Luis Fornelli
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    I think that any of them would do the job.....If I remember correctly the 225 and the RT12 had a silk tweet, I think that the fx300i is the only one with a silk tweet. At any rate, I think that any of them would probably match your fronts reasonably well.

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    Thanks for your quick response.

    Checking the specs, the new FXi30 also have silk/polymer tweet, so it seems it can work too. Do you know what's the big difference between the old (f/x) and the new (FXi) series?
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    The ideal match for your speakers is the RT f/x speaker. It looks just like the LS f/x (click here) except it uses silk dome tweeters and a single 4.5" mid/woofer. You should be able to pick these up on eBay or Audiogon for a pretty decent price. Your next best alternative is the f/x 300, and then lastly the FXi30. By the way, my parents have the same mains and center as you do but with the LS f/x surround speakers (the ones in the picture). The reason we went with those was because Crutchfield had a really good sale on them and they were out of RT f/x's.

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    So Aaron how do those rt12's sound???
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