No sound from my subwoofer psw505

Help please,
My sub is a few hours old, it was working just fine , a couple of hours later it stopped working. There's power and the green light is on, but no sound. I tried everything possible but I still can't get it to work. Any ideas? Thanks


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 1,617
    Is it getting signal? Can you verify that?
  • How is it hooked up LFE or L and R?
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  • RYSRYS Posts: 3
    LFE connection and it does have power, not sure if that's what you mean by receiving signal. Thank you
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 1,617
    Need to verify the LFE from the receiver is actually putting out audio signal. That will indicate the direction of the fault. Presuming that the AVR is working properly, and assuming you've tried the L and R inputs as well, unplug the sub completely and remove the driver. Look to see that the amp wires are still connected an do a quick continuity test at the driver terminal.
  • RYSRYS Posts: 3
    Thank you FestYboy, I'll give it a try
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 28,518
    If it's a new subwoofer, hold off on removing the driver as that may void any warranty you have.

    First thing to do is to make sure your receiver is set up properly. Are all the inputs set up correctly ? Did you go through the setup procedure ?

    Then make sure your playing something with some bass material, like a dvd such as Transformers or another with lots of lower bass. Set the sub volume at about the 1 o'clock position.

    Let us know if that is accomplished, then we can move on to the next step of troubleshooting.
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