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Let me start my stating that i have been a Polk audio fan for a while now.Started out with Polk audio products for my car entertainment setup, and have been blown away with the quality and clarity of your products ever since.

I am located in Pakistan where Polk Audio stuff is pretty hard to come buy. When it was time to upgrade our living room sound setup, i really wanted to try something from Polk Audio, and found a way to get my hands on a Polk audio Magnifi X soundbar setup.

The product was ordered off Amazon by an acquaintance and my father hand carried the setup from the United States to Pakistan. The unit was a refurbished setup as stated on Amazon. This product was shipped in July 2017. The Serial Number on the Soundbar is AM811187714

All was well for a couple of months when all of a sudden around 2 weeks back, there is no power to the soundbar unit. The power adapter for the soundbar checks out ok, so does the subwoofer. I suspect its a issue with the Power IC but that is just a hunch.

Now , i am left with a dead soundbar staring at me :( And i am left wondering what to do next.I am not aware of the replacement warranty process and how does that work, so would need guidance on that.

I contacted Polk CS email , and after a week the only reply i got was that who was it shipped by on amazon, and that Polk Dealers don't sell refurbished on Amazon. Great info, but doesnt help my cause

Also, i haven't found any support setup for Polk Audio in Pakistan (If there is any can you please pass me that info) .

Btw, my brother is located in Atlanta Georgia, so i have a location/address which can be used for replacements deliveries etc.

Any help on this would be really appreciated!



  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 38,524
    It's Sunday here and Polk is closed. Hopefully you'll get a response tomorrow.
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  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,130
    Welcome to Polk's forum. I'll forward this to my friend at Polk.
    Regards, Ken
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