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halohalo Posts: 3,959
Listening to your vinyl on a speaker made from your vinyl collection!?!

Is this the ultimate in hi-fi or what???



  • jeremymarcinkojeremymarcinko Posts: 2,923
    Yeah I don't know about that
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  • msgmsg Posts: 3,965
    Could get expensive.
    And I don't that I have that much room.
  • soundfreak1soundfreak1 Posts: 2,821
    Better pick a "non fatiguing" record. Cool Conversation Piece though.
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  • WardswebWardsweb Posts: 777
    Being a DIY guy, I can't bring myself to spend this much money on a novelty. Now, I would make something similar for fun. Pick up a D-class amp with bluetooth for about $30 and a Pyle Blue Label coaxial (like the one you can see in Halo's pic) for $16. Then, make a horn from an old album by forming it over a metal bowl in the oven. Could be a cool project. I just think listening would get old quick.
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  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 17,353
    some resonance damping would be required, I'd think.
    Maybe 180g, or heavier, pressings would be better.

    I'd also think about adding supertweeters made from 7" 45s, you know?

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  • nbrowsernbrowser Posts: 7,909
    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    some resonance damping would be required, I'd think.
    Maybe 180g, or heavier, pressings would be better.

    I'd also think about adding supertweeters made from 7" 45s, you know?


    Why not just use the shaped 45s as whizzer cones? :)
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  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,615
    I think it's cool from an artistic standpoint, if nothing else a conversation piece..

    I would bet one could make their own though..
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