Wanted: Single or Matching Pair of MW6511 Mid-base Speakers

Bought a pair of SRS 3.1TL's and one of the MW6511's is not working.

Looking to replace one,but would buy a pair.


  • dkfreebirddkfreebird Posts: 666
    If the driver is just seized it can be repaired.I just picked up a pair of 1c's with one bad 6511 and will send it off to @lawdogg Monday.The 6511's are getting hard to come by.
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 57
    How is the repair performed? I already tried basically doing a recone. I detached the outer rubber surround and shimmed the voice coil and re-glued. It did make it more free-moving however did not resolve the issue.
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 6,614
    that may of actually made to problem worse and may not be able to be repaired now. The problem is the rear magnets glue fails and then seizes the voice coil. The only way to repair is to make a jig and re-glue the magnet back into its proper place. You need an anaerobic type of very thin glue. The glue is very much like red loctite thread lock.

  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 57
    Bummer..I should have left along. Does anyone have instructions on how to repair this..Photos would be helpful.
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 57
    Bought a pair of MW6511's on eBay.
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