FYI: Slickdeals is at it again - Open Box Signanture speaker packages from Adorama Camera

I just ran across this offer at Slickdeals/Adorama Camera for Polk Signature packages:

2 S60 Towers, 2 S20 bookshelf speakers, 1 S30 center channel speakers for $749.99 "open box" at Adorama Camera website.

They also offer a 5 speaker "open box" package with the smaller S50 towers for $499.99 at Adorama Camera.

both come with a free shipping option.

To get this pricing, you'll need to follow this link from Slickdeals to Adorama Camera:


  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 3,413
    WOW that's a great deal for that s60 package!
  • motorhead43026motorhead43026 Posts: 1,792
    I took advantage of the S60 deal. I will have a center and S20 for sale here shortly. I have heard good things about the S60's. Hope these work out for 2 channel.
  • FYI, I checked this morning and the $749 Adorama Camera open box offer is still in effect. So, even if you have been snoozing, the offer is currently available. See above for links to this offer.
  • dhb220dhb220 Posts: 7
    I did the S60 offer as well. 1 S60 was damaged, but it was cosmetic and is hidden w/ the magnetic grill. I'll be keeping the speaker.

    Great deal - I recommend either option!
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