New receiver for RTi-A5

French_guyFrench_guy Posts: 174
My current Pioneer VSX-920 is giving me trouble with video switching (hdmi)
Anyway, I purchased it cheap 7 years ago, and now with my recent RTi-A5, it's maybe time to get something much better
But I want to find a receiver that is not too deep...I was thinking about the Marantz SR5011 from A4L for $550
Is this a good pick? Any other recommendation in that price range, and not too deep?



  • andrew82andrew82 Posts: 134
    Sounds like a good pick to me. Polk specifies a 50w-250w per channel amplifier for the A5s, so the SR5011 would do just fine. I liked my Marantz receiver for sound signature and functionality.

    Personally-especially if you're just running two speakers-, I'd get one of Marantz's NR slim line and splurge a bit on an added amp. Would solve any questions you have about power and give you the AV capabilities you're after.
  • French_guyFrench_guy Posts: 174
    I have the 2 towers and 1 center (Csi A4)....No surround for now, but plan to add surrounds as soon as I can
    I've also read good things about Denon AVR 3300W....but it's deeper
  • Jimbo18Jimbo18 Posts: 1,410
    They have a Yamaha Aventage RX-A760 for $449 with an egg on it. Supposedly $20 off when it has an egg. Lots of good reviews on here for their Aventage line.

    I think the Marantz is a better receiver but if you want to save a few bucks, this is a good option.
  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 839
    edited May 23
    I liked what my Marantz SR5010 did for my RTi8. really warmed them up a bit. So far I like my Marantz with the signatures too.

    The down side to the Marantz is the Audyssey, takes a bit to dial it in.

    For the Yamaha, I was told to not to mess with the 7XX or 8XX and only go for the 10XX and up.
  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,326
    The 5011 will work well with the RTI A5's.

    Can get the 5010, refurb, on Amazon for less than $500, think only 1or 2 HDMI's are 2.2 capable though. May want to look into it.
  • nbrowsernbrowser Posts: 6,282
    rpf65 wrote: »
    The 5011 will work well with the RTI A5's.

    Can get the 5010, refurb, on Amazon for less than $500, think only 1or 2 HDMI's are 2.2 capable though. May want to look into it.

    As a Marantz/RTiA owner...I agree, the combination soundwise is magical and very easy on the ears. The SR5010/SR5011 will have more than enough beans for the RTiA5 speakers. Also on the SR5010...all HDMI ports are 2.2 capable...not just one or two. :)
  • French_guyFrench_guy Posts: 174
    The Denon AVR-3300X is $100 more than the Marantz.....Is it worth it?
  • nbrowsernbrowser Posts: 6,282
    edited May 24
    My money, my ears? Marantz all the way with the RTiA series. It's warmer and fuller bodied than the Denon as far as sound signatures go. A nicer match if you will. 5 watts a channel is literally nothing to write home about.
  • French_guyFrench_guy Posts: 174
    It's not really about the 5W difference, but more about the Denon having the Audyssey XT32...I've heard it was a big improvement over the Audyssey XT !
  • andrew82andrew82 Posts: 134
    Honestly, I would worry too much about the room correction. I've used both XT32 and currently use Anthem's ARC (regarded as the best or at least, among the best). Really, I'm not sure what the difference is, but I can tell a difference between the two receivers' musicality and tone.

    Again, depends on what you use it for.
  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,326
    Between the Denon and Marantz.

    If you want to focus more on the music side; Marantz.

    If the focus is HT; Denon.

  • French_guyFrench_guy Posts: 174
    It will be more HT oriented, but I will also use it for music....Let's say 80% / 20%
    For music, I like jazz and also female vocals (Lisa Gerard for example)
    I like the Marantz SR 5011 for it's relatively short depth....
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