Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole musical instruments



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    My comment was to roust Tony ;) , not an insult
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    ...and my comment just happened to follow yours. It was a standalone comment ;) , not a rebuttal.
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    i asked rosso the question is the volterra just the fiesole with a sub or are there other enhancements to the volterra. here is the answer.

    Dear Marvin,
    as a first approximation we can say that the Volterra is a Fiesole+sub but actually that is not totally correct. They both have a lot to share however the Volterra has a slightly different crossover and the acoustics presentation is that of a floor stander speaker. Lets say that if you liked the Fiesole you will love the Volterra.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Francesco Rubenni

    And since when can you trust a dago :p ;) B)

    Hey now....LMAO.

    I'm very trustworthy.....Dago's aren't in the garbage collecting business for no reason.
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    So we can trust in making a good pie, and taking out the garbage...duly noted :)
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