Turntable outer ring clamp interest list...

Looking to see if there may be any interest in lp outer ring clamps... These tend to be way more money than I am willing to spend, and I know others must feel like I do. I am willing to do the legwork here if others may also be interested. I am hoping to see costs in the 250.00 range... If interested post here.


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    I love the looks of the VPI rings, thought I don't have hardly any warped records/vinyl I always loved the look of their rings. Thought they looked cool B) I still think they have their place in the vinyl world.

    not really a reason to get one but if it fit all TT's and why not right? and there was a cheaper version from another company that they don't make them anymore and I missed out buying one :/

    You got my interest up.
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    I'm interested.
    I did some reading on these a while back.
    There were a few different companies making these things for a while, but then stopped. One I spoke with was trying to sell the plans, I believe. I think it was this guy:

    TT Weights was another guy fabricating all kinds of different and cool tt stuff, but again, closed up. I think he was the only one developing something for the SL-1200? Can't remember for sure. Been a long time since I looked into this. Gave up because no one seemed to be making universal types.
    His site's down, but there's a bunch of stuff in this thread over on Steve Hoffman

    What're you thinking?
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    That is it B) the one i was thinking about. my Eagles Greatest it is warp so bad i just bought their box set, problem solved LOL
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    I have a TTW ring that I picked up for 250.00 and I like it, but think it can be improved, but it does make for a nice prototype. I am thinking of something along those lines but rather than the copper weights, I am looking to have a deeper skirt on it in order to add mass.
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    Do you have any fabrication contacts yet?
    I saw you mention it to Larry on another thread.
    • Are you looking to make something relatively universal, or table/type specific?
    • One model, or maybe different designs or weights for different table types?
    • Sandwich clamp design, or simple ring?
    You mention adding mass. What are you looking to accomplish overall, considering you already have one of the best aftermarket rings ever produced? What do you think greater mass in the ring will offer? Asking out of curiosity, because I don't know.

    Not sure what goes into this, but from discussions with Rudolf on his URSR, he says, in short, that there's more to it than just machining a metal ring for mass alone.

    My initial research was spurred by the desire to address flatness issues, finding that a lot of brand new records were warped. I learned in my reading that periphery rings and clamps can offer more benefits than that alone. I've also read that certain other experiments deadened and flattened music. Be good to tap the knowledge and experience of those who've gone before, I imagine.
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    I find that just a bit more weight is needed for those 200 gram records than my current ring provides. I am inclined to be in the camp of a well machined and balanced ring will provide improvements so long as it does not overload the spindle bearing and wear it out prematurely.I don't believe the material it is made of has anything to do with the sound. Again, it comes down to the appropriate amount of mass, and that number is open for debate
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    John, I am most definitely interested brother.

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    Just a thought? Is there enough room on that TTW ring to drill out holes and press in "heavy metal" to gain the needed weight. The weights could be added in the appropriate areas to maintain balance. I'm guessing the procedure wouldn't be a whole lot different than balancing an engine crankshaft. Again, just a thought.
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    What's the inside and outside diameter?
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    So when should I expect delivery?
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    ^^^ What he said. ^^^

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    So far there has not been enough interest to make the numbers work... so no date yet.
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