Polk boom swap headphones defective

Poorly designed headphones. The box states unbreakable, however the headband is defective and Breaks! I wrote customer service twice with no results, not even an email. Company is not customer friendly.


  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,260
    Welcome to Polk's forum, sorry there's a problem. All you need to do is package up the headphones and send them to: Polk Service, One Viper Way, Vista, CA. 92081, include a short note giving them your name, address, email address and a copy of your sales receipt and they'll quickly replace them.
    Regards, Ken
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  • VictorVVictorV Posts: 3
    Kenneth Swauger
    I'm looking for the headband only. I do not have the receipt. You know as well as I do.The cost to package and mail this item across the United States is not worth the value of the headphones. Maybe next time your company would not use the term UNBREAKABLE if they can't stand by your product. So this is my short note to Polk Audio as you requested....Thanks. VictorV

    My two emails prior to this one that were unanswered.
    00138128 3/13/17
    00141510 4/1/17
  • arekonarekon Posts: 77
    hard to believe youve been failed upon. i have only good things to say about their CS.
  • VictorVVictorV Posts: 3
    Believe it.
  • DSkipDSkip Posts: 14,060
    My striker zx headset snapped where the adjustable band was. I called Polk with receipt in hand and they shipped me a new one on the spot. The new one has been flawless. Call them with your receipt if you can find it and it should all work out.

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  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 1,707
    I've bought a couple boom swaps for the kids. Out of 3, 2 head bands have snapped within a year. I'm sure the 3rd will eventually. Not worth the hassle to get warrantied. They're cheap headphones. No big deal as far as I'm concerned but this is a very common problem with them. I can understand VictorV's sentiment.
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