Virtual reality coming in Q1 2016. ps4 and pc

Hello friend!

I just want to know if your pumped up or even aware that Virtual reality that we all hoped for in the 90's is finally here! There are several offerings available but would just like to point out the three major players.

First we have playstation with project morpheus now named a predictable and dull Playstation VR. With around 10 titles said to be available at launch I am super pumped. Games like the Heist and the old grandfather of Vr Battlezone are going to be in our rooms and entertaining. The ps vr is nowgot sonys oled tech in the screen and is vastly improved over last year. The cool thing about the sony is that you can use your old failed ps3 motion controls for the games.

The next is the most popular, yes the Occlus Rift for pc. The finished product comes in q1 with a headset featuring better tracking to eliminate motion sickness that everyone experienced in the dk 1 and 2 devolopment kits. This for a long time was said to be the bestand with 200 titles out its sure to be the most popular.

The final and one I am personally most excited about is the HTC Vive VR from Valve. The HTC has two lasers that can go up in the corner of a 15 by 15 foot room and allows you to wander free if you have the space. This means your not just on the couch and can have greater immersion making the possibility of a sense of presence. I think you should check out the game called steam junker on the development blog on youtube.

So who is super excited of the comming of a new frontier in gaming?


  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,210
    Not me.....I prefer to live in the real reality, not a virtual one. lol
  • There is VR entertainment of the adult nature ifgames are not your thing Tony lol.
  • cnhcnh Posts: 13,310
    edited September 2015
    tonyb wrote: »
    Not me.....I prefer to live in the real reality, not a virtual one. lol

    The older I get the LESS "real" everything feels. I fully expect to wake up in a Dentist's office in some other time and place only to have the D. Assistant tell me my procedure is done, and my entire LIFE was just imagined! Oh, well, I guess, Philip Dick went there already!

    VR, SUPER VR, BEYOND VR. No time and space? Godhood! Aren't we all just trying to get out of the "cave" in Plato's sense? Or, at the very least, make our time in the "cave" as entertaining as possible! In any case, VR would make our cave a bit more "spacious"!
  • Audio for virtual reality is a really interesting subject now that these VR headsets will be coming to market soon. Check out this Business Insider article on how Three Dimensional Audio adds another layer to VR Audio In Virtual Reality
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,210
    Cool concept for entertainment purposes, other than that....we have a hard enough time getting people to deal with real reality. VR isn't going to make that any easier.
  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 6,841
    Peoples reactions are pretty interesting. Seems like seeing something different than what is physically happening to your body really messes with your senses/balance.

  • Mikey081057Mikey081057 Posts: 4,595
    Was at the Tmobile store and saw the Samsung Gear VR with the S7 Edge phone demo... really weird and kinda scary... Could you imagine watching a fire scene and your face really being on with the Samsung?

  • I have bad motion sickness. I tried one of the Samsung VR headsets with a Galaxy S7 and afterwards I felt a little sick. Think the PS4 VR would cause the same issues?
  • jflail2jflail2 Posts: 2,666
    I've just ordered a 1080 video card, as that's the missing VR piece in my HTPC. I'll have to wait a few weeks to order, but am probably going with the HTC Vive since I'm a huge Steam fan and like the "room experience." Anyone taken the plunge with the Vive? Good or bad feedback?
  • voltzvoltz Posts: 4,372
    A friend has one and I've played around on it, the 1080 will get you rocking and rolling on the HTC :) they are times I had to sit down do to my fear of heights!

    it is super cool. one of my favorite is "Audio Shield" you pick a fun fast paced song and have a blue shield in left hand and a red in the right.. then send these dang balls at you and you catch them with your shield - a total blast

    favorite song to play on it -> "Talking Heads" Psycho Killer!

    Wonder if Danny ever sold his?
  • jflail2jflail2 Posts: 2,666
    Fun! Did you try any Steam games on it? I'm thinking of cockpit type games like Project Cars, War Thunder, etc. That's really where I see myself enjoying VR most out of the gate.

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