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Upgrading my teenagers car audio system, and need help on amplifier to purchase. Here is what I have component wise:

Pioneer DEH-X6600BT head unit
Two 3.5 in factory speakers in dash
Two Alpine SPS-610C speakers in front doors
Two Alpine SPS-619 speakers in rear deck
Two Alpine SWA-12S4 12" sub woofers in trunk

I want to buy One HERTZ HE 4 (HE4.1) Energy 4-Ch. Car Audio Speaker Amplifier Sub Amp 400W.

I plan to run the two 3.5 in dash speakers and the two Alpine 6 1/4 in door speakers from the Pioneer head unit

I would like to run the two Alpine 6x9 rear deck speakers and the two Alpine subwoofers (bridged) from the 4 channel Hertz amplifier, but I am concerned that bridging the 4 ohm amps out of the 4ohm amplifier channel is a problem.

I have not purchased the Hertz amp, so I am not tied to it, but would like to keep the build above and use just a single amp if possible. Any feedback would be great.
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    Yeah, 4 channels amps in particular do NOT like having anything less than a 4 ohm load on a bridged output unless it's a very high end amplifier. I'll be honest here, you'd be quite surprised at the bass output from a single SWA-12S4 in a correct enclosure. I ran an older base model E series 12 incher in a sealed box and fed it 200 watts in a four door sedan and it managed to rattle loose the rear view mirror and provided quite nice bass extension.

    Ideally, I'd run the 3.5s off the deck, the other four off a four channel and if you really want to do dual subs, get a 2 channel amp or mono amp that's stable down to 2 Ohm, the Alpine MRP-M500 comes to mind and wire them in parallel to said 2 channel amp, it'll be reliable and pound like no one's business.
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    nbrowser, thanks for the guidance. I will look into the Alpine amp you suggested.
  • Need help with amp&10 sub combo in box. Keeps shutting off when trying to fade evenly on factory deck. Sound comes out and bass. But when trying to use fade on factory deck to use back door speakers it shuts off.
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    What's your signal source to the amp? What HU do you have?
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