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  • I paid $6k for mine in 2000 they were the store demo stereo pair , center, control center, and remote. All the boxes which I still have included. At that time it was a decent price. I have considered selling them but anything comparable is waaaay mo…
  • I wouldn't let mine go for $2800.
  • They are the charcoal marble looking ones, as far as price I have no idea make me an offer? tweeter is $24.00 club Polk price. Thanks Rich
  • I have a set in original packaging. Theres only one problem, one of them had the tweeter come apart in shipping. Its where it glues together it has seperated. I did check and they are still available. My dealer said Polk would probably replace it bu…
  • Although I love all B&W speakers I think you could pick up the 802 Matrix for a little more, the series 80 is a prior model to the Matrix and now the Nautalis. But for the price that they are at right now ($500) you probably couldn't go wrong.:D
  • Ebay is just above $500 a pair brand new.:(
  • I didnt pay that much for mine over five years ago. That could be why he still has them.:cool:
  • I dont think thats enough power for my SRTs. but a 1066 would go nice with my Cinepro 3k6II if I could find one for that price.
  • They are now on Audiogon for $3200. Still no boxes or shipping that is a little high I think. Compared to what Robert Petersen paid. I paid $6k for mine but that was over five years ago. I would like another pair of towers but that is way too high f…
  • He has also indicated that local pickup is the only option and $1250 was too low. He has failed to give much info so I dont know how he could expect a quality bid. I would love to have a second pair but I dont think this is them.
  • Thats the one. My dealer had that one but he wouldnt give it up, even though I bought his one and only system. Maybe someday? Thanks Rich
  • Im still around, lurking in the shadows. That is one I havent seen before. Is that a poster? Ill take anything. Thanks Rich
  • I thought I could at least get an answer from "Polk"?
  • I use the Rotel RR990 its the one that comes with the Sunfire Theater Grande and many of the Rotel Pre/Pros. Its touch screen and does macros. Very easy to program. Batteries dont last all that long maybe 3 months. I like it.
  • there is one on Ebay right now!
    in c4 Comment by wcj56 July 2001

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