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  • There is no way EA is dropping sports. Get Madden if you are a hard core sim fame. Espn if you like arcade more.
  • LOL:p
  • I play it in All pro mode and its a killer game. The running game is spot on and they tightened up the pass play, so now the dbs play alot tighter. Loving the franchise mode but they still value first round picks too much. Good for us but it ma…
    in Madden Comment by warviper August 2004
  • The question is are you gonna use it if you dont then its a total wast of money.
  • No worries Demi thats the good thing with the spread is that your chances should be 50-50. Good luck though.
  • Arnt you gonna wait for the spread?
  • Now first off is much thanx to Al and his freind Rich for makeing the long trip. SVS: The Svs that all brought over looked big and bad. It easily double the size of ieather of my subs. The sound that it produces is clean and strong, not over p…
  • No I was not refering to max either. It was just some thing I noticed. How hard are you pushing the Svs Trey?
  • I noticed that too about the Sdas that the bass was lacking but to me it was because I was so use to boomy bass from other speakers that the sdas natural sounding bass was lacking. It kinda grows on you and when you hear other speakers you get hit i…
  • Thanx for all the info guys. It seems as if I let that svs slip through my fingers. So according to the chart is the pci level svs not capable of doing 100+dbs because if Im not mistaken Treys room is realitilvy small. But I like the way that it …
  • Im trying to lock down the deal on the Pci I already said Id buy it I wonder whats taking so long for him to respond.
  • So from what I understand is that the 25-31pc is the older model whencompared to the 25-31pci. So does that mean that the pci would be the better model of the two and if there was only a 50 dollars difference between the two the pci would be the way…
  • Originally posted by Sami If it is a PC and not PCi then it actually is with the older element, not the ISD. Lol damit Sami You gotta learn to type in english.:D Sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about. First off what is an …
  • No there is one over at the Htf for sale and I was wondering how powerfull it was considering it seems to be the smallest of the svs line up. It would replacing a deftech psw15.
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a great time and Al and his friend Rich were real great guys. When i get some more time Ill get to the specifics. Hey Al make sure you post the pics.:D
  • The Nfl series is a great series and this year they seem to be more agressive in taking it to Madden but Ill get Madden for the running game and the more realistic blocking. 85 yard runs are not the norm so I dont wanna see it happening three times …
  • Thanx for the quick reply Shizelbs. So that leaves to question where PT has it set on his comp. Looks great but I dont wanna get a load a slow down when I play. Too bad they cant make a Madden football game look that good.:(
  • What type a rig you got? I gotta amd xp2400 with a gig a ram and a ti4600 video card with 128 megs a ram. Is it good enough or am I out dated? I havnt been into computers for a while. Audio has been a priority for me lately.
  • Im sure that the snake is raw, so if you dont mind eating raw snake go for it. Sorry about the wife though she should be able too see the beauty in it though.
  • Too bad Zen, maybe we can hook up at a latter date. You will be missed.
  • Sure thing. As long as there is still room for the Svs I dont mind at all.;)
  • Verry nice!
  • Every thing is still good to go on my end. Making sure the wife is ready and putting togeather some food for you to try it should be a great time. Wish more were coming. Maybe after you confirm that Im not some three eyed freak that next year there …
  • Good for you Frank I dont spend nearly enough time with my kids. I should realy put more effort into it they grow up so fast. The back yards as far as I go to get outdoors.:(
  • Hey Ron are most of those in wide screen?
  • Where the the hell do people like you come from, it was a god damn joke. If you didnt get it maybe you should go kill yourself.
  • No need for hotels I have one guest bedroom and a spare bedroom. I also have six couches available if more people are coming over. I would be honored if you guys stayed over.
  • Hmmm anybody else wanna come? Zen and Danger any favorite beers or beverages? Hope there are some last minute people.

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